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25 Jul 2020
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorI guess it makes sense, so you know if a function returns Result it means it can fail10:18:32
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorIn C# you have to manually document what exceptions each method can throw, and most people don't bother. I think you can do that in C++ as well, but it is not recommended by the guidelines. They just say you should put noexcept on functions that don't throw10:19:43
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoExactly. And you have to explicitely handle it10:19:44
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoC++'s idiomatic add() function header must be so complicated. Lots of 'const', 'noexcept' and more10:21:10
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorYeah, you do have to put const everywhere if you want to be "const correct" in C++. I guess it was a good idea to make it the default in Rust10:25:19
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorWill there be targeted spells in Veloren? Like, to heal allies from afar and such12:31:13
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorCool. I was wondering how that would work, since the mouse buttons are used for basic attacks. Maybe the spell releases the cursor so you can click on a target? Or you point at an entity and press a key to lock it in as the target?13:07:00
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoEither a 'weapon' dedicated to healing or one of the number keys probably18:06:29
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26 Jul 2020
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27 Jul 2020
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28 Jul 2020
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