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16 Aug 2019
14:54:57@wowaname:volatile.bzopalim in web browser
15:16:59@peeves:matrix.orgPeevesFdroid has a slim riot app
15:47:17@wowaname:volatile.bzopalyo peeves
15:47:23@wowaname:volatile.bzopalslim? i'll look
15:48:06@wowaname:volatile.bzopalcant find it possibly because fdroid's searching is weird. you have a direct app link?
17:15:46@peeves:matrix.orgPeevesOpal its called minivector
17:16:20@wowaname:volatile.bzopalah ok
17:17:03@wowaname:volatile.bzopaloh good no analytics, i hate that prompt
17:41:13@wowaname:volatile.bzopal>still prompts for analytics
17:41:14@wowaname:volatile.bzopalgood app
24 Aug 2019
22:41:26@cryzed:matrix.org@cryzed:matrix.org invited @imtbl:matrix.org@imtbl:matrix.org.
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3 Oct 2019
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23 Nov 2019
00:32:45@wowaname:volatile.bzopal changed their profile picture.
7 Dec 2019
19:03:09@trishula:matrix.orgSuikawelp, discord is being shit
19:03:26@trishula:matrix.orgSuikapropably don't even do redundancy at all
20 Dec 2019
18:25:20@wowaname:volatile.bzopalwhens this place being bridged
18:25:32@wowaname:volatile.bzopalim liking the qt update
18:26:13@wowaname:volatile.bzopali need to create an ebuild for hydrus, the ebuild in vampire overlay doesnt seem to work / pull in right deps
18:26:26@wowaname:volatile.bzopalalso i just didnt like the quality of the ebuild
23 Jan 2020
In reply to @wowaname:volatile.bz
whens this place being bridged
n e niggy gonna bridge
8 Feb 2020
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