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Fellowship for Christians and those interested in learning more about Jesus Christ. No one is perfect, everyone is welcome! Join our Discord server: https://dsc.gg/christianity1 Servers

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22 Apr 2021
@youcee8:matrix.orgyoucee8Okok soo that makes sense02:03:30
25 Apr 2021
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28 Apr 2021
4 May 2021
@m7a115gk10a2020:matrix.orgTHE_PPSH changed their profile picture.18:13:33
@m7a115gk10a2020:matrix.orgTHE_PPSH changed their profile picture.18:14:02
10 May 2021
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@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.orgHi everyone! I’m Kiki! Nice to meet you! I am a Christian and Jesus is my Savior! :) I hope to make friends here! :)23:26:46
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply We are primarily on the discord server 23:27:16
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.orgI don’t have Discord. 😅23:27:49
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomplyNo worries feel free to make an account if you wish23:28:05
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.orgThank you! ^^ what is the name of your server? ^^23:28:34
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply Christianity Discord 23:28:40
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomplyThat link should take you straight in23:28:47
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply dsc.gg/Christianity 23:29:06
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.org Ah, are the people there nice and good people? 23:29:18
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply Absolutely 23:29:30
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply We focus on helping people come unto Christ 23:29:37
@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply And it’s much more active 23:29:44
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.org I’ll make a discord and join! :) 23:30:02
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.org I can’t create a discord because I deleted my account. And my email was already registered 23:42:57
11 May 2021
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.org I got into my account again! :) 00:04:31
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.org The verify check button isn’t working. 00:07:02
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.orgTo get into the server00:07:12
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.org I’m pressing it and nothing. 00:10:33
@kiki88:matrix.org@kiki88:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event00:10:46
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@toohightocomply:matrix.orgtoohightocomply Hello 01:08:26

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