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16 Sep 2021
@_discord_295232856102535169:t2bot.ioSnow/Naglfar I have no clue but you should pm me 13:46:05
@_discord_317101596364242945:t2bot.ioТема I would discourage it, but if someone wants to know you could DM them 14:02:46
@_discord_317101596364242945:t2bot.ioТема * I would discourage it, but if someone wants to know you could DM them 14:02:57
@_discord_744459329175945236:t2bot.ioaceistheplace joined the room.15:10:31
@_discord_191983360208273408:t2bot.ioEmperor Monketron joined the room.15:19:51
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 ok does anyone know how tachankas were used ? 16:59:40
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 because like the machine gun is on the bacj 16:59:58
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 id imagine like you put it in place then once its done its job get the fuck out of their, like sorta light artillery, i dont think theydve done drive bys, plus is a horse cart so you wont hit anything whalst its moving 17:02:03
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 oh so kinda like toyotas with machine guns ? 17:02:58
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 yeah pretty much 17:04:25
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 or like just a quick way of getting a maxim to somewhere its needed, like alot quicker than two blokes carrying it across 200 yards 17:05:03
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 yeah but it looks like it was used in the cart 17:05:27
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 yeah that's what I thought 17:21:42
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 also, belgian machine gun dogs 17:25:55
@_discord_384187974549504000:t2bot.io░M░a░b░e░l░ joined the room.18:05:06
@_discord_652503277547683840:t2bot.ioWest Indie Warlock joined the room.18:05:15
@_discord_498257285999493122:t2bot.ioFin is a nice and/or cool joined the room.18:08:44
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 ?????????? 19:10:52
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 I AM SORRY UT WHAT 19:10:57
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 yeah, in wwi the belgians had little dogs to pull their maxim guns 19:12:45
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 WTF 19:12:59
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 good boys go kill some germans 19:14:21
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 doggos 19:14:38
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 they do a little sleepy 19:15:49
@_discord_388785193973973012:t2bot.ioPond Whore 𓆏 doggos shouldn't be used as soldiers 19:17:32
@_discord_649377125090066482:t2bot.iothe colour pink#5164 i concur 19:18:41
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