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5 May 2024
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.org Binance Bs yeah 15:41:38
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgI was kinda disappointedšŸ¤£15:42:10
@obaiyd:matrix.orgburgerthief*sends wedding invites to everyone in the room*15:44:58
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgyou getting married!? nice ( or condoleances as some would say haha)15:51:10
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DBurgerthief is the fed, the wedding is a sting16:25:01
@obaiyd:matrix.orgburgerthiefI never said it's an invite to my wedding16:36:50
@obaiyd:matrix.orgburgerthiefI may be a fudd, but certainly not a fed (In hindsight, this is exactly something a fed would say)16:37:29
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DImaging inviting a bunch of 3D2A autists to some random persons wedding. 16:37:58
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgthat'll be the day16:38:16
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgwould be easy for the feds though16:38:32
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgeasy arrests and some cake16:38:41
@obaiyd:matrix.orgburgerthief*dances to "milkshake draws all the boys to the yard"*16:39:09
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgwell I'd go for a bbq,don't think I'll get married any time soon,16:40:34
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.orgare there any dutch or Belgians in here come to think of it16:41:59
Download 1000007511.jpg
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.org what do you guys think of rainbow colored Glocks .. lol I'm not a fan to put it mildly 17:01:59
@flaman23:matrix.org@flaman23:matrix.org( next they'll come up with Hamas colored ones)17:04:45
@aaronsh343:matrix.orgaaronsh343 joined the room.21:00:42
Download 20240505_195825_4502943893033521984.jpg
@novemberstars:matrix.orgnovemberstarsgoon tape/hockey tape to run over the cable? (Already ziptied)23:59:12
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DWould you just run it over the pic rail?23:59:51
6 May 2024
@novemberstars:matrix.orgnovemberstarsRedacted or Malformed Event00:00:23
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DWhat gun is that. I feel like I've seen it before?00:00:24
In reply to @vipir3d:matrix.org
Would you just run it over the pic rail?
no, the charging handle would yeet into it
@novemberstars:matrix.orgnovemberstarsKel tec rdb00:00:52
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DThat makes sense 00:01:00
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DHow were you planning on hockey taping it?00:01:14
@novemberstars:matrix.orgnovemberstarsI've pimped it out a bit00:01:16
In reply to @vipir3d:matrix.org
How were you planning on hockey taping it?
directly over the cable and more broadly on the bottom
@vipir3d:matrix.orgVipir3DThat would work. 00:01:52

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