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18 Jan 2020
15:31:00@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> c etc
15:31:10@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> It is my pleasure, @amisha3 !
15:34:43@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> @riecatnor This ties into the resource pack we share with FWD organizers. It's not very detailed but it's the start of what we want to do to help empower local organizers to put together more Fedora events in their own communities :)
15:35:26@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> I am happy to help make that pack more robust. Also we need to give the design team some work to do here :P
15:35:29@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/diversity-inclusion/fedora-womens-day/resource-pack/
15:36:30@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> @riecatnor I love these ideas. And it fits along the lines of things we have been successful doing the last few years.
15:37:01@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> Yessss I can throw a lot of words at things but design is my weakness :P
15:38:01@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> Something I hope to encourage is making things a bit or a LOT prettier lol. When you are working to attract people who are not developers, it kinda takes more than text to really grab someone's attention effectively, IMO
15:38:54@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <N​ikhilkathole> @jwflory that reminds me a task of sharing updated resource pack and get suggestions on it. @riecatnor lets see how we can fit them here https://docs.google.com/document/d/17_MicCWj4o08VU3HhxcOJ_N7iBGURXgb6o1xaq0y_c0/edit?usp=sharing
15:40:42@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> This is awesome!!
15:42:45@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> So what I see here is the perfect kind of content with a need for: social media templates for advertisement of the events, posters, a ready to go slide deck, suggestions for swag, and also a HOW TO get enabled to do this.. open a ticket here, this is how reimbursement works
15:42:47@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> etc
15:52:25@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <f​reaky_mortal> Eagerly awaiting :P
16:13:06@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> This would be a more decentralized way of encouraging people to self-organize and empower them to do so, I believe. For these conversations, I'd definitely want to loop in Mindshare since a lot of things, I believe, overlap with the duties and responsibilities of that group
16:14:51@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> Mindshare is officially in the loop
16:15:12@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> (it me)
16:15:54@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> I can go to the group overall with these ideas.. I also want to see D&I specific things. I think its also great to have Mindshare's input and the w/e resources they can have to support
16:16:34@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> I also think if we want a FWD or D&I slidedeck- that is a request we can make of the design team independently of the Mindshares input
16:29:49@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> 😂😂
16:30:11@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> This would be helpful ideas to collect in a wiki page or Google Doc too. They can be a part of our hackfest proposal
16:30:41@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> I can take lead on organizing things, but I know it probably won't happen until after I am back at home in the U.S. around Feb. 15-16
17:22:23@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> Whatever you can do will be 🙌🏻💥🙌🏻
17:22:30@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <r​iecatnor> Thanks :)
17:43:04@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <a​misha3> I can put them together as a rough draft so that we don’t loose them
18:31:02@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> @amisha3 That would be amazing 🙏🏻🙏🏻
19 Jan 2020
03:39:28@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <a​misha3> Thanks but we need the final magical touch from you :)
04:09:51@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <j​wflory> It's a team effort 😉
04:25:56@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-di <a​misha3> Hehe sure
20 Jan 2020
18:39:06@freenode_tg-fed-di:matrix.orgtg-fed-diNila G. Chapman has joined the Telegram Group!
21 Jan 2020
13:15:07@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfIn case you missed it, here is the recording of the second-half of our call on Saturday: https://bluejeans.com/s/3AtD2

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