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21 Sep 2020
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrYou can use the LocalUserCreated hook or one of the AuthenticationProvider callbacks if you want to add extra things to a new user account. But you don't want to use any account creation methods in that case.18:22:25
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodek, that is probably better than the deferred update.18:23:01
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeHere's the real reason I came into the room: do you know of anything that talks about the difference between purging a page and a null edit on the page?18:24:22
@tgr:matrix.orgtgra null edit is a kind of purge18:25:02
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeIt seems like they would be the same, but I guess I can understand why purging might not do some stuff that a null edit does18:25:12
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrin API terms, one with forcelinkupdate=true and forcerecursivelinkupdate=false18:25:44
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode(at least it looks like there is some different action around categories and SMW)18:26:01
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeso that could explain it.18:26:16
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeI mean, categories are links...18:26:56
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrthe code paths are not the same so in theory other differences are possible, although they would be unintentional18:30:22
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrbut in theory index.php?action=purge is equivalent to the API's forcelinkupdate=false&forcerecursivelinkupdate=false, and a null edit is equivalent to the API's forcelinkupdate=true&forcerecursivelinkupdate=false18:31:10
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrso the first basically just clears internal HTML caches other than the parser cache. The second clears both and redoes the parsing (and as a side effect that will also update link tables). forcelinkupdate=true&forcerecursivelinkupdate=true will also re-parse all the pages that depend on the page (usually via transcluding it as a template)18:33:07

a null edit is equivalent to the API's forcelinkupdate=true&forcerecursivelinkupdate=false

ooo! a new toy for my diagnostics 😀

22 Sep 2020
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode Is importing pages and page content model confusion a known issue? Looks like this person is seeing some problem with importing pages into the Module namespace. 14:26:33
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrmaybe a result of importing the dump before installing the relevant extension?17:53:09
24 Sep 2020
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan HilderbrandIs there a query or method to determine all transclusions (not from templates) on a wiki? 05:57:05
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrwhat do you mean, not from templates?09:12:36
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand I think when you call a template from another page, it's technically transclusion as well? Either way, I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in tracking down all normal transclusions and (if installed) Labeled Section Transclusions. 15:27:08
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand For example, if there was a template "Template:Note", I'm not as interested in tracking down all instances of {{Note}}. But if there was a page "Hello", I'd want to know how many times some version of {{:Hello}} was used and where. 16:30:16
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand * For example, if there was a template "Template:Note", I'm not as interested in tracking down all instances of {{Note}}. But if there was a page "Hello", I'd want to know how many times some version of {{:Hello}} was used and where. 16:30:38
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile Bryan Hilderbrand: You could find them (page transclusions) by using "Speical:ReplaceText" with a search string of {{: 17:08:40
@marijnw:matrix.orgMarijn van WezelThat would not work for transclusions from outside the main namespace17:09:53
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile Why not? You can select "Search in (all) namespaces" . I found a false positive in my wiki because I have a Help page that explains how to do transclusions and uses <nowiki> tags 17:13:55
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile Oh, I get it... because : represents Main 17:14:49
@marijnw:matrix.orgMarijn van WezelIt is also possible to transclude pages that are outside the main namespace. For instance {{Help:Foobar}} would be a valid transclusion17:15:06
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand Ah! Good stuff. Yeah, for other namespaces you could search for {{NAMESPACE:. Interesting, thanks! 17:44:28
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand Ultimately, I wish there was special page like Special:WantedPages that showed the transclusion ({{:Hello}} or {{Help:Hi}}) with the links (and count) to the pages that used them. Kind of like a transclusion library. But thanks Marijn van Wezel and freephile, you got me what I needed for now 🙂 17:49:01
@tgr:matrix.orgtgr There is no difference whatsoever between {{note}} and {{:note}} internally, other than the source page being in a different namespace 18:15:51

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