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6 Sep 2019
9 Sep 2019
20:06:28@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuardDid you know you can very easily anonymize your IP address by connecting your Particl Desktop client and the Open Marketplace through the Tor network? πŸ‘€ While it cannot be done directly from Particl Desktop itself, the setup process will only take you a few minutes and is easy enough so that anyone can do it. To know how to setup Tor on Particl, click the link below and follow the step-by-step tutorial. πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/how-to-run-particl-desktop-the-open-marketplace-through-tor-dc2cbe7254
11 Sep 2019
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13 Sep 2019
18:41:43@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuardParticl Desktop 2.1.0 has just been released on testnet, bringing two new marketplace features as well as a wide variety of improvements and issue fixes. As always, it is highly recommended to download and install this build so that as much feedback as possible can submitted. This testnet build should move to mainnet towards the end of next week or early the week after, if no major issue is found. πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-desktop-2-1-0-released-b17117d89d71
17 Sep 2019

The industry's most secure Proof-of-Stake protocol now available without any privacy concession!

Particl's Private Cold Staking script has just been released on Github. It allows you to automatically anonymize your staking rewards and receive them on public, blind (CT), or anon (RingCT) balances.

Start safely and anonymously staking on the Particl network by following the link below.

πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/private-cold-staking-script-released-d8900e193490

18 Sep 2019
21:45:02@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuardParticl was added to the BISQ decentralized exchange. You can now buy and sell Particl in a decentralized fashion without any geographical restriction or KYC requirements. To know how to get started buying and selling PART on BISQ, follow the link below which contains a step-by-step guide. https://particl.news/particl-now-listed-on-the-bisq-decentralized-exchange-b45b16ec36f8
23 Sep 2019
18:43:31@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuardNew Particl Desktop Release + PART Giveaway Today, Particl introduces two new marketplace features (Product Imports and Q&A) on mainnet with the release of Particl Desktop 2.1.0. This release also includes a bunch of bug fixes, UI/UX improvements, and back-end optimizations. Follow the link below to get all the details and the download links. πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-desktop-2-1-0-released-on-mainnet-1e84cc8716f3
3 Oct 2019

Particl in Prague - HCPP 2019

Are you in or around Prague during the next few days (October 3 to October 5)? Then you should definitely make a stop at HCPP 2019!

Particl has 3 members from its team attending the event. If you're going to be there, make sure to get in touch!

πŸ‘‰ http://particl.io/events/2019-hcpp19.html

19:42:21@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuard *

Particl in Prague - HCPP 2019

Are you in or around Prague during the next few days (October 3 to October 5)? Then you should definitely make a stop at HCPP 2019!

Particl has 3 members from its team attending the event. If you're going to be there, make sure to get in touch!

πŸ‘‰ http://particl.io/events/2019-hcpp19.html


Particl in San Francisco - SFBW 2019

An "upgraded booth", a 30 minute talk, and a lot of exposure!

Particl is going to the San Francisco Blockchain Week as a GOLD SPONSOR and will be giving a 30 minutes talk about the Open Marketplace!

Come meet the team at the Particl booth and be part of one of best blockchain event of the year! πŸ₯‡

πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-in-san-francisco-sfbw-2019-bdaf0426349a

16 Oct 2019
16:57:15@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuardThe next few weeks are about to get CRAZY as Particl is gearing up to get on the road for the "Particl World Tour", a series of 5 events the team will attend in the next few weeks. πŸ”₯ During that time, Particl will be meeting with key partners, operating booths at two different events, and give a 30 minute long talk at one of this year's biggest blockchain event. What's even more exciting is that the team has been working on a few surprises which will begin to be revealed shortly! Want to know all the details? Then just follow the link below! πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-world-tour-2019-f6e3d3c7e09c
23 Oct 2019
18:20:05@CryptoGuard:matrix.orgCryptoGuardA new Development Update has been published on Particl's blog! πŸ”₯ It covers all the latest updates on #Particl Core, Particl Desktop, and the Open #Marketplace. Don't skip this one as it also contains information about a mystery upcoming feature πŸ€” πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/development-update-50aca29679fc
7 Nov 2019

Bitcoin Exchange Module Coming to Particl Desktop

Particl announced last week that it would be integrating a Bitcoin exchange module to its Particl Desktop client πŸŽ‰

Yes! That means you'll be able to easily use Bitcoin to go through the process of buying or selling products and services on the Open Marketplace!

Follow the link below to get all the details of the integration and learn exactly how it will interact with the Open Marketplace!

πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-announces-bitcoin-exchange-integration-into-particl-desktop-e7c0940c0b4d

9 Nov 2019

SFBW Recap (Blog + Videos + Pictures)

The Particl team is finally back home from its US West Coast trip and hot damn was it an eventful week! As you probably already know, the team initiated its Particl World Tour by first going to the United States and attend 3 different conferencesβ€Š - β€ŠMoney2020, WCC, and SFBW's Epicenter. 🌎

It's safe to say that, throughout this first part of the Particl World Tour, the team has made tremendous progress on all fronts and has been able to collect a significant amount of feedback, advice, contacts, and most importantly, new friends taking part, just like the team, to this ambitious blockchain journey!

Follow the link below to read the full recap and see what's next for the Particl project!

πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-travels-to-the-us-west-coast-71f5696d2ee8

13 Nov 2019

Particl Desktop 2.2.0 Released

Particl Desktop 2.2.0 was just released on mainnet, just a few hours after the Open Marketplace reached its all-time high in number of listings, bringing forward the new bid cancellation functionality, the new settings page, as well as multiple improvements, tweaks, and fixes πŸ’«

Check out what's new and update your client by following the link below.

πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-desktop-2-2-0-released-1a1324881cf8

14 Nov 2019

Particl Welcomes New eCommerce & Adoption Advisor

Particl welcomes Bryan Woods, Spend.com's President, into its advisory board!

Mr. Woods will advise on the many opportunities being opened up by distributed technologies and actively work with the Particl team on capitalizing on them by tapping right into his vast network of merchants and businesses.

To know how Bryan and Particl will team up to push the adoption of #blockchain technologies to a wider audience, follow the link below.

πŸ‘‰ https://particl.news/particl-welcomes-spend-com-president-as-new-advisor-7afcce8c7d71


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