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24 Jul 2019
13:42:31@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleThis fraction of the other 30% misses you 70% .. and understands ! Will this go for the Community meeting tomorrow?
14:04:45@donadams:matrix.orgdonadams Thanks Kris Is!
In reply to @danibelle:matrix.org
This fraction of the other 30% misses you 70% .. and understands ! Will this go for the Community meeting tomorrow?
yessss I know! 🙈 see dm
15:19:51@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisif there's an agenda for tmrw I will join, not sure if there are proposals
15:20:23@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisI have two at least to put up there but they might not make it in time for loomio review time so possibly better next week
In reply to @krrisis:matrix.org
I have two at least to put up there but they might not make it in time for loomio review time so possibly better next week
15:35:40@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleIs that an old timey thing, do people know what a ditto is anymore.. lol.
15:36:30@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensandersI know what it means 😃
15:55:03@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisThis is what I always think of when using that word. Ditto never gets old.
25 Jul 2019
  1. I would like to raise a sizeable amount to have cash ready to deployed when the next opportunity like that occurs: https://www.reddit.com/r/BurningMan/comments/cgqnyr/island_in_scotland_660acres_475_miles_of/

  2. Who is the validator of donations? Say someone donates 1000 DAI for a charitable purpose, who approves that?

2.1 Is it possible for validator to be a smart contract / arbitration similar to Kleros?

26 Jul 2019
15:27:59@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleA little tip for those that use Riot a lot and are on Android - try the RiotX client (currently in beta but much more user-friendly than the current client
22:09:02@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisooh ok will do thx kay 🙂
31 Jul 2019
14:21:29@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisToday I can again unfortunately not make it for a Comms meeting, apologies. Next week should work perfectly though! If people want to get together to follow up on things, please do so ofc.
7 Aug 2019

Join our Comms meeting today at 6PM CET

12:18:07@giveth-bot:matrix.orgGiveth Bot

The Comms meeting takes place on Wednesday at 06.00PM CE(S)T, (= 12PM EDT - 05PM UTC - 09AM PT -- 12AM ICT) - Join us here

12:20:28@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisNo tags / shout outs to anyone because we're in a little bit of a time crunch for Commons Stack preparations and Camp Decentral, but everyone welcome for all things comms. Whoever else is interested in knowing what Giveth is up to: very very welcome to join us, always! ❤ Feel free to also check out & update our meeting notes.
12:20:29@giveth-bot:matrix.orgGiveth Bot

All Communication Circle meeting notes can be found here in the form of issues - if you want to view these in a more ordered and visual form, please install the zenhub extension first (see link on the homepage)

16:33:42@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelle Thank you krrisis - good checking in with you ♥️
16:45:49@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisAnd with you Dani, thx for that productive little sync ❤️
8 Aug 2019
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13 Aug 2019
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13:47:41@manhuichi:matrix.orgmanhuichiHi! :) HuiChi here from Provenance Events
14:54:55@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisishi HuiChi, welcome! just replied to your dm
14 Aug 2019

no comms meeting today!

16:36:02@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisAnd none in the coming weeks, as discussed during the giveth community meeting - we're temporarily in a slower mode with giveth org & comms (but continuing with dapp dev) because the team is very busy on all things Commons Stack and Burning Man. Talk soon!
24 Aug 2019
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9 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019
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