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6 Jan 2022
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8 Jan 2022
@philantrop:mailstation.dePhilantrop πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ changed their profile picture.23:58:00
11 Jan 2022
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14 Jan 2022
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17 Jan 2022
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26 Jan 2022
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29 Jan 2022
@pastel_plum:matrix.orgPlumπŸŒΌπŸ•ŠπŸβœ¨ joined the room.16:39:18
7 Feb 2022
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12 Feb 2022
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their display name from Matthew to Matthew (away).07:51:46
19 Feb 2022
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20 Feb 2022
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their display name from Matthew (away) to Matthew.21:41:07
24 Feb 2022
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@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE changed their profile picture.20:31:19
27 Feb 2022
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6 Mar 2022
@sadnessaroundmi:matrix.org@sadnessaroundmi:matrix.org joined the room.19:33:23
9 Mar 2022
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20 Mar 2022
@lieuwe:lieuwe.xyzLieuwe changed their profile picture.20:45:43
22 Mar 2022
@disconnecteduser:matrix.orgWanker joined the room.15:10:26
31 Mar 2022
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10 Apr 2022
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12 Apr 2022
@luphoria:matrix.org{MOVING: @trent:gra.im} luphoria joined the room.18:50:19
26 Apr 2022
@luphoria:matrix.org{MOVING: @trent:gra.im} luphoria changed their profile picture.03:14:53
@luphoria:matrix.org{MOVING: @trent:gra.im} luphoria changed their profile picture.03:15:17
@luphoria:matrix.org{MOVING: @trent:gra.im} luphoria changed their profile picture.03:15:33
1 May 2022
@luphoria:matrix.org{MOVING: @trent:gra.im} luphoria changed their display name from luphoria to {MOVING: @trent:gra.im} luphoria.05:14:18
12 May 2022
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