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18 Oct 2020
@me:thomcat.rocksThomCat* Annie, do you have `certbot` set up to renew your SSL cert?14:21:52
@me:thomcat.rocksThomCatSorry to hear about your husband! 14:22:32
19 Oct 2020
@spanwysm:matrix.orgspanwysm joined the room.03:29:48
@pioneer:matrix.orgSerge T. I'm reading the above somewhat silently, which doesn't mean I'm ignoring, Annie best wishes to you and your husband, get well as fast as possible! 07:18:51
In reply to @me:thomcat.rocks
Annie, do you have certbot set up to renew your SSL cert?
the playbook is supposed to take care of it automatically
In reply to @tulir:maunium.net
the playbook is supposed to take care of it automatically
My bad, I must've skipped some messages, sorry!
21 Oct 2020
@wowaname:volatile.bzopal changed their profile picture.07:47:59
22 Oct 2020
@annie:ditto.chatAnnie (Ditto)I'm back up and running! yay ditto.chat homeserver 05:33:18
23 Oct 2020
@test:ditto.chatDitto TestingTest13:15:13
@test:ditto.chatDitto Testing 13:15:52
@mat:tout.imMatMaulsuccess !13:15:59
@test:ditto.chatDitto Testing 13:20:50
@test:ditto.chatDitto Testing 13:20:50
@test:ditto.chatDitto TestingKdldldl 😯😯🎉😯😯🎉13:21:44
In reply to @test:ditto.chat
Kdldldl 😯😯🎉😯😯🎉
hum what just happened, this message was empty a min ago, but no (edited) mark
@mat:tout.imMatMaulare you testing some new MSC for edits ?13:24:16
Download Screenshot_2020-10-23_15-24-18.png
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomenote the three timestamps13:24:29
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeif you don't have timestamps enabled for all messages, you'll prolly miss13:24:38
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeelement is good at rendering empty messaegs with a really, really tiny width13:24:46
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeso you are actually seeing two messages with only a few pixels width and a third one13:24:56
@mat:tout.imMatMaulohhhh ok I see13:25:23
@annie:ditto.chatAnnie (Ditto) Also that wasn't me - probably someone testing rn-matrix 16:29:15
@annie:ditto.chatAnnie (Ditto)My test account is technically public 16:29:24
25 Oct 2020
In reply to @tulir:maunium.net
the playbook is supposed to take care of it automatically
Someone once gave me a link that did very good testing of a TLS host, but I forgot the URL. I am not sure if it was you, but do you happen to know an URL for a good TLS tester?
In reply to @jomat:asra.gr
Is there a fdroid repo or an downloadable apk for ditto somewhere?
No F-Droid repo yet. Ditto has some problems qualifying for F-DROID as it has not been of the highest priority. If someone with the right skillset has the time to get rid of the less free libraries, or what the issue is, this might change though.
26 Oct 2020
In reply to @dandellion:dodsorf.as
I personally prefer the AGPL for pretty much any project
What is the advantage of the AGPL compared to GPLv3+ in your opinion?
@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionCounting SaaS as distribution08:23:07

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