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2 Apr 2020
00:57:02@freenode_skaboomatude:matrix.org@freenode_skaboomatude:matrix.org joined the room.
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19:56:08@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie joined the room.
19:56:10@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie You know, no matter how many times I've pressed ESC at the logo and no matter how many times I've read that instruction, I always forget for a minute and panic.
19:56:44@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie ah crap, the installer isn't seeing my eMMC
20:03:59@strit:matrix.orgStritThat means the kernel is not seeing it.
20:04:39@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie Yeah - I broke out of the installer, echo'd fe330000.sdhci to unbind/bind and it popped up.
20:05:03@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie then re-ran the installer and it's flashing the eMMC now
20:09:08@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie up and running - thanks again, Strit
20:11:57@strit:matrix.orgStritNo problem. Glad you like it.
20:12:01@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie oops - spoke too soon. It's installed, but the pesky black screen issue I've been fighting for the last few days is back.
20:12:25@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie I do - It's a cool little OS and perfect for the PnP.
20:12:46@strit:matrix.orgStritDid you use the 20.04 image?
20:12:56@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddieI did.
20:13:33@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie it's up now - I'll reboot a few times to see how common it is vs. 20.02.1
20:27:19@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie Strit: so.. same issue I was talking about in #pinebook where I get a black screen every few reboots, and it goes away after a few more reboots. It happens with eMMC, USB, and SD. Only with Manjaro. I want to say it's less common with 20.04, but I haven't tried it enough times yet to know.
20:27:57@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddie Strit: But.. I upgraded manually this morning and the issue seemed to disappear. But now that I've reinstalled with the new image, it's back.
3 Apr 2020
00:17:12@tho1efx:matrix.org@tho1efx:matrix.orgAny thoughts on earlyoom?
00:17:31@tho1efx:matrix.org@tho1efx:matrix.org I've been hitting the limit recently.
10:08:55@pwr22:shortestpath.dev@pwr22:shortestpath.dev left the room.
14:13:11@testttt9999:matrix.orgHmmmhow do i solve the 404 errors
14:13:51@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddiego to websites that exist? Where are you getting them?
14:14:45@testttt9999:matrix.orgHmmm when i try to do sudo pacman -U http://ftp-osl.osuosl.org/pub/manjaro-arm/repo/stable/core/aarch64/pacman-mirrorlist-20200225-1-any.pkg.tar.xz i get
:: pacman-mirrorlist and pacman-mirrors are in conflict
14:16:04@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddiethere was a workaround for that in a post... one sec
14:20:08@freenode_roddie:matrix.orgroddiestep 3
14:20:46@testttt9999:matrix.orgHmmmoh thanks

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