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16 Apr 2021
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@strit:matrix.orgStritWell, the old kernel gets replaced by the new kernel. If the package is correct at least.15:48:37
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0st ohhh fancy! new manjaro-arm-installer in the stable branch of x86_64! with btrfs :) 15:48:52
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0stRedacted or Malformed Event16:33:38
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0stRedacted or Malformed Event16:33:46
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0st I'm trying to figure out the steps which are happening with the dtb. 16:45:16
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0st Either yesterday I didn't build the image targeting unstable or there is some additional shenanigan with the linux && uboot package that's going on 16:53:45
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0st Fixing the dtb -> updating the kernel -> returning the extlinux.conf to target the pine64lts dtb is working. Will create a new image to see if that will fix it 16:55:03
@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0st eh, I've left over a second -b stable parameter when I built the img yesterday 17:02:34
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@pak0st:matrix.orgpak0st Nice - pine64lts is booting as expected on unstable 👍️ 17:42:22
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@ivanrancic:matrix.orgivanrancicHave I downloaded by accident two additional processor cores on my PinePhone? Because things got speedy with the latest update.23:16:23
17 Apr 2021
@appelgriebsch:privacytools.ioappelgriebschYesterday I built a new gnome image and tested it shortly. Looks like gnome-shell 40 has some transparency issues on the Pinebook Pro with both mesa and mesa-git... have searched for a setting to disable gnome-shell transparency effects but found none yet...08:04:09
@appelgriebsch:privacytools.ioappelgriebschSo at the moment I can’t recommend update to gnome-shell 40 on PBPro...08:04:39
@strit:matrix.orgStritTransparency issues?08:33:16
@appelgriebsch:privacytools.ioappelgriebschYou can also call it screen clutter due to the transparency effects used in the new shell overview ... there were similar reports some days ago for the gnome-terminal, which could be fixed by disabling the transparency effects, but haven’t found a way to do this for the shell08:51:55
@strit:matrix.orgStritAh okay.09:09:46
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18 Apr 2021
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