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19 Oct 2021
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Yep 22:27:51
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby looks perfect together 22:28:01
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby I'd be happy to walk into starbucks on a cloudy rainy day with that 22:29:49
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny It’s long if you ask me. 21”.

The enclosure dimensions are 1.57 x 0.47 x 4.72 inches.
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby I'd probably wind it up and sit the enclosure on the cord 22:31:55
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby unless its too thick 22:32:09
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny It’s pretty rigid. 22:34:52
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby I'm going to probably end up making the argon case a little taller.. create a brand new bottom to stuff some extra stuff under it 22:35:11
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Well, the expansion bay does that quite nicely. I kinda like the slimmer, sleek look without it. But, it’s not too bad. 22:36:01
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby its a good looking case as a slim one 22:36:30
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby I'll dream up some extra functionality.. maybe a hub bottom 22:36:57
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby I'm thinking a magnetic bottom to go along with the magnetic top 22:38:05
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Just make sure there’s adequate ventilation. The M.2 drive heats up quite a bit. Kinda wish they had a cooling solution provided for the drive itself. 22:39:02
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby oh yeah that could be an issue 22:39:26
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Some drives come with their own heat sinks 22:40:01
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby Hmmm 22:40:18
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby I haven't picked the new drive yet.. 22:40:27
@_discord_695057731450830938:t2bot.ioSolarbaby was just going to wait until the holiday deals 22:40:43
Download Screenshot_2021-10-19_18-37-03.png
@_discord_663505215978471505:t2bot.ioIronGodYT© How do I install the runners 23:38:52
@_discord_663505215978471505:t2bot.ioIronGodYT© when I hit the green button nothing happens 23:41:19
20 Oct 2021
@_discord_402993824369999873:t2bot.ioSkeptic Party Did you get steam working again? Having simalar or same issue rn 00:06:02
@_discord_572067878908723201:t2bot.iooinkers changed their display name from oinkers to oinkers#0001.00:36:09
@_discord_572067878908723201:t2bot.iooinkers changed their display name from oinkers#0001 to oinkers.00:36:09
@_discord_663505215978471505:t2bot.ioIronGodYT© oh okay 01:12:38
@_discord_572067878908723201:t2bot.iooinkers changed their display name from oinkers to oinkers#0001.02:02:32
@_discord_572067878908723201:t2bot.iooinkers changed their display name from oinkers#0001 to oinkers.02:02:32
@_discord_346069779326697486:t2bot.ioFlyingCow 🤣 03:45:21
@_discord_346069779326697486:t2bot.ioFlyingCow XDD 03:45:22
@_discord_638792303858941977:t2bot.ioDamian634 Did anyone know why Twister and kodi doesnt cant read BluRay disc? VLC too , he say aacs Files missing 06:42:27

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