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28 Sep 2023
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 * Which there's 4 PCIe 2.0 (3.0) lanes that could be exposed by a CM5 module but more likley to just be 3 exposed 19:44:52
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 * Which there's 4 PCIe 2.0 (3.0) lanes that could be exposed by a CM5 module but more likely to just be 3 exposed 19:45:04
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny That doesn’t help me if I’m not using a CM5. 19:46:59
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 True 19:48:35
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 Time to wait until that comes out 19:48:42
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny Yeah. And I’ve never been able to get my hands in any Compute Module. Will take time before a good board or project comes available that would use it. 19:56:00
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny Argon Forty has work to do. Guess I’ll sell my Pi 4’s in Argon cases, or give them out as Christmas Presents. Lol! 19:56:49
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 Yeah 20:21:01
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 I made a deal with Amir that I would switch my Plex server over to ARM if there's a board or something that utlilizes an SBC like the Pi 5's PCIe connection and I have native SATA for 4 3.5 inch drives and somehow I get the ability to do a raid 1 boot medium, I'll switch over, I just wish there was an easy GUI style method like TrueNAS without the weird quirks that made it difficult for me to use OMV, I'm sure I could probably figure out OMV now if I tried, but TrueNAS was far easier to understand out of the box 20:24:26
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny OMV was difficult to grasp at first. I mean not that it was hard, it’s just a weird organization that I didn’t really care for. But once I got everything set up, it’s beautiful. I haven’t tried TrueNAS. But now, maybe that’s another project I can tackle. New toys. Yay! 20:26:39
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny And of course what’s a new product announcement without an ETA Prime video?

@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 Lets go 20:27:32
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 Wait does the 5$ price increase include the fan or do you still have to buy that making it a techincally 10$ price increase if you want to use it without it cooking itself? 20:27:58
@_discord_275083068493135872:t2bot.ioahrithevastaya#0 Yeah I've just had a dumb project I've been doing which is reducing idle power draw as much as possible on my 2 servers, I got idle power draw down to 50 watts but I also have a lot of I/O attached and it's V2 Xeons but with VMs running it's about 5 watts per when idle so it goes to around 75 watts when idle, if I lived anywhere else I would be able to justify buying a fancy ARM board and just tinkering with it making less concrete storage solutions and def more janky, but it would be worth it, but 10 cents a kwh makes it to where it's basically next to nothing to run the server 20:30:46
@_discord_723244908021809183:t2bot.io_ryaniscool#0 changed their profile picture.21:05:35
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@_discord_741463732747632713:t2bot.iobranloux896 changed their display name from branloux896#0 to branloux896.23:45:07
@_discord_741463732747632713:t2bot.iobranloux896 I see the good news about the Pi5 has made it’s way to the forums here. Very excited to get one of these 🤘🏻 23:45:07
29 Sep 2023
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny Yeah, man. Seems they came out with the best they could while barely increasing the prices. I’m going to give it a try. 04:16:17
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny I almost hate to jump into the deep end with the first hardware revision. Usually like to wait until there are improvements made on the design. But they’ve had long enough to get this right. So I expect great things. 04:17:37
@_discord_714848969293037600:t2bot.iom1n3r#0 changed their display name from It's Not Wrong to m1n3r#0.04:44:43
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@_discord_752050672014458979:t2bot.iovedjamkar_vedforeal#0 should i get a pi 5 if i have a pi 4? 04:48:31
@_discord_956174438993379348:t2bot.iosnookie_oof changed their profile picture.05:54:24
@_discord_956174438993379348:t2bot.iosnookie_oof changed their display name from snookie_oof#0 to snookie_oof.05:54:25
@_discord_956174438993379348:t2bot.iosnookie_oof If you like performance and io yes 05:54:25
@_discord_465773183191220255:t2bot.io_eejit Same - I really hope I don't get burned on some problem, but just had to jump in and order one 10:13:07
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny Depends on what you want to use it for. 11:51:05
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.iokylo.henny All these improvements and it still falls far behind the competition. But, I will give them credit for the effort. And to be fair, it’s still new and there isn’t optimized software for it yet. Support for it will improve and it will get better. It’s a nice upgrade from the previous generation for $5 price increase. That’s what I’m most impressed with. 11:51:37

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