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31 May 2023
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@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny You omitted file system type. If you read the error message, it gives you hints as to what you need to correct. Also, you should target /mnt/ for your manual mount points since that’s what that directory is for. Create a directory there and set permissions appropriately. 04:58:25
@_discord_787099365209538591:t2bot.ioSynthachak#3621 changed their profile picture.08:49:22
@datpep:matrix.orgRadhesh Goel Hi kylo 18:53:15
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Hello. 20:09:22
@datpep:matrix.orgRadhesh Goel How is ducky  20:19:12
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny https://www.tomshardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-malware-uses-default-credentials 20:48:12
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny https://tenor.com/view/scooby-doo-woof-bark-ruh-roh-gif-4303248 20:48:41
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1 Jun 2023
@_discord_655246416821747732:t2bot.ioHannor Smith#3349 changed their profile picture.02:02:50
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@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt dangeruss26 jtremblant Kylo.Henny Sorry for the mass ping but uh I don't think that message is exactly normal 03:28:35
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt My ssh login info is the default password 03:31:31
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt Should I change it 03:31:35
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt And what command can I run that would let me change it 03:31:47
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny It’s no different from the regular account. See here:

@_discord_156923994673643520:t2bot.iodangeruss26 Raspberry Pi’s use pi:raspberry as default login 04:39:52
@_discord_156923994673643520:t2bot.iodangeruss26 passwd and sudo passwd will allow you to change your password to whatever you’d like. 04:40:37
@_discord_156923994673643520:t2bot.iodangeruss26 make it time based at when you first logged in timewise or a phrase you’ll remember. Replace numbers with symbols. Get creative with it. Bots are dumb beyond 8 characters (the m365 limit). 04:42:14
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt Does it matter if I do sudo passwd or just passwd? 04:48:25
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt I don't have my root account active as far as I know in the permit root config 04:48:42
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt Or should I still change the root account password just in case its somehow enabled 04:50:55
@_discord_800468243386728478:t2bot.iowhocares256 Is there anyone in the DFW area in this group? 05:52:34
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Why do you ask? 06:04:58
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Did you read what I linked you to? It’s highly recommended to change both. 06:07:04
@_discord_800468243386728478:t2bot.iowhocares256 Was wondering if any of the developers were near me. I’m not a Linux expert but do work in IT. I’ve finally switched to Linux and would like to work on twister os. Not sure what help I can be but I have lots of hardware and I can test builds. 07:04:48
@_discord_800468243386728478:t2bot.iowhocares256 I’ve been in IT support for 20+ years mainly on the hardware side. Was HelpDesk for 6 years and got an appreciation for cli on old Solaris boxes at work. I was automation support at the time. 07:12:20
@_discord_725762332139192368:t2bot.ioWyatt Im going to read it 08:51:33
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Locale doesn’t matter. The people who collaborated to create what ultimately became Twister OS are in all corners of the globe.

The majority of the Twister developers for Raspberry Pi 4 have gone to pursue other projects on different hardware platforms. Only one main developer remains and he has other life priorities that occupy his time now. So while new development for the 64-bit version on RPi 4/400 is in the works, it will take time.

There are promising efforts in the works to port the current version of Twister OS Armbian on newer RK3588 and RK3588s devices right now. So if you have a Rock 5b/5a, Orange Pi 5, IndieDroid Nova, etc., you can head over to the Twister OS Armbian server and see what’s happening there.

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