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31 Jan 2023
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1 Feb 2023
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@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses Is it recommended to install Twister OS 64-bit or 32-bit on the Raspberry pi 4?🤔 15:28:16
@_discord_956137019447320606:t2bot.iolightguy There is not a 64 bit Twister OS. Only 32 bit Twister OS. You may find YouTube videos that make you think I’m wrong but I’m not. 16:49:53
@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses Ahh thank you, 32 bit it is! 17:18:37
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Well, Twister OS Armbian is 64-bit, but doesn't work on Raspberry Pi. The official Twister OS for Raspberry Pi is 32-bit, but works just fine. If you're interested in trying to get the Twister OS experience on 64-bit arm OSes like Raspberry Pi OS / Debian Bullseye (and some others I hear), then you can try out the un-official method of installing Twister UI on top of those systems with the XFCE DE. You can find discussions surrounding it in #twister-ui-arm-testing. You can watch the video that shows you one of the ways to get it installed. https://youtu.be/cToN04UBoYQ 18:49:01
@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses I'm going to try out the 32-bit and see how it is! 🙂
By the way is it possible to somehow install Twister OS and enable VNC using a headless setup? Meaning we don't need to plug it in a screen.

I can do this on the official Raspberry OS, by connecting to SSH from my phone/PC and then write "Sudo raspi-config". And from there enable VNC.
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Yeah. Just go ahead and ssh into it. to do that, you'll first need to prep your SD card (or whatever boot media you're using) for headless setup. See the Pins in this channel. here: https://discord.com/channels/670543161525010442/741857430195142668/759839925989670913 19:26:14
@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses Ahh thank you, I'm going to try it!
So we can't use Raspberry pi imager for this? It has to be Balena Etcher?
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny I prefer Raspberry Pi Imager. I use it on everything. Even other SBCs I own. 19:32:55
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny It can format, update bootloader/firmware, even perform some presets for you. It’s great. 19:34:00
@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses Thank you! I asked because on that guide it never mentioned Raspberry pi imager, only Balena Etcher 😅 19:34:17
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny It’s a rather old post. 19:34:33
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny So much has transpired since those good old days. 19:34:45
@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses Just tried it out and it worked perfectly! Again thank you very much!🙏😌 20:07:54
Download Screenshot_2023-02-01-21-32-14-462-edit_com.realvnc.viewer.android.jpg
@_discord_456069369487818754:t2bot.ioMoses Kylo.Henny I did however find one small issue.
I use VNC viewer for Real-VNC on my phone and it worked perfectly the first time I used it. However after a reboot on my Raspberry pi, i get this screen.
I can connect to SSH, but not to VNC for for some reason 🤔
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Yep. That’s explained in the guide, too.

There is a setting in /boot/config.txt that you have to enable for this to work if you are running your Pi headless (without a monitor).

Edit /boot/config.txt, with sudo permissions and remove the comment “#” tag on the line


Reboot and try your VNC connection again.
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2 Feb 2023
@_discord_669994844533424144:t2bot.ioKylo.Henny Haha. Steam is experimental on Twister OS. Also, it’s only gonna run 32-bit. There’s a channel where you can ask questions and get support. #box86-steam-unstable. But just understand that getting things to work with it on Twister OS is hit or miss.

I don’t use Steam at all. So I won’t be if much help with that. Search the channel and I’m sure you’ll find a mention of this problem.
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