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Encrypted Room. Nude women, women only. Preference for elegant, sophisticated, thin, petite. 18+. No penises. No furries. No males. No clothing unless too revealing for polite society. Unencrypted room: sophisticated-nudes:matrix.org.16 Servers

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25 Sep 2022
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26 Sep 2022
@editx:matrix.orgluvvkqsh ⭑ | pfp: ma wife fr| (wont be on for a min) changed their display name from luvvkqsh ⭑ | pfp: ma wife fr| to luvvkqsh ⭑ | pfp: ma wife fr| (wont be on for a min).14:19:11
28 Sep 2022
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30 Sep 2022
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1 Oct 2022
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2 Oct 2022
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3 Oct 2022
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@jarkmetes:midov.plGood Evening, Suck My Cock changed their display name from Jerkmates. You join my homeserver and you waste precious bandwidth with your inane drivel. You will never have jerkmates. You will never move out of your jerkmom's basement and you will never jerkmeet a real girl. You will die alone. That is your jerkfate. to Rinne.17:44:17
@jarkmetes:midov.plGood Evening, Suck My Cock changed their display name from Rinne to Judge Jerkmates.17:46:09
@jarkmetes:midov.plGood Evening, Suck My Cock changed their display name from Judge Jerkmates to Good Evening, Suck My Cock.17:50:50
4 Oct 2022
@bill:anontier.nl@bill:anontier.nl removed their display name bill.04:28:24
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5 Oct 2022
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6 Oct 2022
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