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6 Jan 2020
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender https://imgur.com/gallery/cByjoS6 00:45:13
@_discord_260628953256034305:t2bot.ioZungryWare Is that a genetic defect or something? 00:50:09
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender no clue found it in the terrafusion discord 00:50:28
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender based on how horns grow is prob just extream luck 00:50:50
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender or careful manipulation of it by the owners 00:51:12
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender we de horn our bulls so they dont kill each other 00:53:10
@_discord_260628953256034305:t2bot.ioZungryWare I guess this works too. 01:03:55
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya OK SO 20:23:37
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya turns out the occasional framerate hiccups I got from the christmas jam didn't come from the jam itself 20:23:52
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya but quakespasm 20:23:54
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya wtf I even got them on mark5 20:25:09
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya what's going on 20:25:15
@_discord_512027281703567362:t2bot.ioBuffalobachRedacted or Malformed Event21:14:53
@_discord_512027281703567362:t2bot.ioBuffalobach Look, I found a shambler replacement!
(Maybe it's what nsfw is)
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya well
just getting the game running on windows mode but 1920x1080 seems to do the trick
and no changes too
7 Jan 2020
@_discord_116448625508352005:t2bot.ioFimbul K Bizarre 03:23:37
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya tho it doesn't work on vkQuake for some reason 🤔 09:55:07
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender make sure u have the vulkan drivers 09:58:46
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya well if I can run vkQuake that means I do have vulkan 09:59:05
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender ohh 09:59:14
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender u were saying that xmas jam doesnt work on vkquake 09:59:27
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya that was before I updated my drivers 10:00:05
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya well, when I first got my new laptop vkquake just wouldn't run 10:00:19
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Damn, you are still dealing with lag. Hope you find a way to fix it. 14:22:06
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya don't seem to get them anymore, aside for a one-second long one recently on quakespasm, but it didn't happen again 14:22:49
@_discord_98513744136503296:t2bot.ioaDaya wish I could play with vkquake decently because I wanna have swirly underwater vision 14:23:02
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Oh ok. Good to know you managed to fix it 14:24:28
@_discord_473332206715011073:t2bot.ioSquid V. https://www.twitch.tv/thevicioussquid\ 19:12:05
8 Jan 2020
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz https://twitter.com/joel_vinesauce/status/1214697646595686400 20:28:39
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Hopefully the art serves as inspiration 20:28:51

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