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27 Nov 2022
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoand I expect we'll be working closely with upstream KDE folks on resolving that one21:47:28
@alebastr:libera.chatalebastr Conan Kudo: multi-monitor support is broken - https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=458886 21:47:44
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo alebastr: talk to apol in #kde:fedoraproject.org 21:48:47
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudohe is the guy working on this stuff21:49:53
@fale:fale.ioFale thanks @[Conan Kudo] 22:00:13
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudosddm wayland bugs get prioritized when they're brought up, otherwise the kde folks mostly work on plasma 6 stuff22:01:06
28 Nov 2022
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo alebastr: don't forget that you can do remote pull requests with pagure 00:44:58
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoyour dev branches can be on gitlab and submitted over to pagure00:45:08
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudounlike the other way around, where you're stuck in the gitlab island00:45:16
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo
In reply to @fale:fale.io
so I guess it would make sense to keep the cat for now and then move the sway ks when all the others are moved to the new method. Do you agree?
PR submitted to switch over to livesys-scripts: https://pagure.io/fedora-kickstarts/pull-request/925
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@alebastr:libera.chatalebastr Conan Kudo: how does remote pull-request pick up changes in the remote branch? I always thought pagure does not implement that 01:00:16
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoclick the refresh button01:00:32
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@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudothere's a refresh PR button in the UI01:00:39
@alebastr:libera.chatalebastrah. then it is fine. Thanks!01:01:44
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@nb:libera.chatnb mhroncok I am wondering how well the retire_packager.py script scales to running on a list of 466 packagers 03:53:59
@nb:libera.chatnbMaybe I should split it up into smaller lists. So far it has been about 30 minutes03:54:12
@nb:libera.chatnbI ran it in a foreach now instead of using fromfile. It seems to be working well now04:04:36
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@appservice:libera.chatappservicechanged room power levels.09:00:18
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@netvor:libera.chatnetvorhi, i learned that maim is not maintained; marked orphaned in src.f.o and https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1823039 . because i maintain related package (slop) i decided to give it a go.13:50:18
@netvor:libera.chatnetvorI went ahead and clicked `Take` in src.f.o. to my surprise it just transferred it to me, no questions asked....13:50:22
@netvor:libera.chatnetvor anyway, i guess i'm the maintainer now; i will go ahead and try to make the update now :) let me know if there's anything more i should do 13:52:19
@netvor:libera.chatnetvor(or i will find out the hard way)13:52:31

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