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Aurora Store is a privacy-centric FOSS client for Google Play Store. This is a support chat for Aurora Store. This room is currently bridged with Telegram at t.me/AuroraSupport • Source Code: https://gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/AuroraStore • Website: https://auroraoss.com • Downloads: https://files.auroraoss.com • Translate: https://envs.sh/wC • Aurora Droid: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraDroid:auroraoss.com • Aurora OSS Discussion: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraOSS:auroraoss.com • Aurora Off-Topic Discussion: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraOT:auroraoss.com66 Servers

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12 May 2022
@graydrgn:matrix.orggraydrgnAny good banking apps in aurora store00:26:23
In reply to @graydrgn:matrix.org
Any good banking apps in
aurora store
Lol Aurora store is play store in different ui and no Google tracking at user ebd
In reply to @neko_teko:tchncs.de
Lol Aurora store is play store in different ui and no Google tracking at user ebd
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13 May 2022
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