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30 Apr 2024
@test_pre_req:envs.netTPR joined the room.13:05:23
4 May 2024
@serhijj:matrix.orgSerhii joined the room.20:06:09
5 May 2024
@serhijj:matrix.orgSerhii left the room.07:48:32
7 May 2024
@geolod:matrix.opulus.spaceАзура removed their profile picture.05:50:43
@geolod:matrix.opulus.spaceАзура set a profile picture.05:51:01
8 May 2024
@atronis:matrix.kyiv.dcomm.net.uaНордичний Кокос joined the room.10:07:58
10 May 2024
@nasrin.abbygail:chatwave.orgnasrin.abbygail joined the room.23:57:37
11 May 2024
@mutabir:matrix.orgmutabir joined the room.10:21:34
@vibe:catgirl.cloudvibe changed their display name from vibe to test.12:45:24
@vibe:catgirl.cloudvibe changed their display name from test to vibe.12:45:37
@mutabir:matrix.orgmutabir left the room.17:44:44
12 May 2024
@farzanking:matrix.orgFarzan Soltani joined the room.08:48:14
@farzanking:matrix.orgFarzan Soltani left the room.08:48:44
@vibe:catgirl.cloudvibe changed their display name from vibe to ira🇮🇪.11:09:33
@vibe:catgirl.cloudvibe changed their display name from ira🇮🇪 to vibe.13:51:29
@vetsinen:tedomum.netvetsinen joined the room.21:32:36
@ostthemakerwithaweirdusernamewhichtakessomespacetorenderonascreen:matrix.orgOstap joined the room.22:15:43
14 May 2024
@wardeath:matrix.orgwardeath joined the room.07:02:37
@wardeath:matrix.orgwardeath left the room.07:05:20
15 May 2024
@geesewer:matrix.orgTaylor Otwell joined the room.19:15:52
16 May 2024
@dezomorfin:matrix.orgdezomorfin joined the room.13:44:19
17 May 2024
@us_wanilka:matrix.orgUs_Wanilka changed their profile picture.16:31:21
19 May 2024
@pepeye76exdonuts:tchncs.depepeye76exdonuts joined the room.06:37:54
21 May 2024
@ssss.andrey:matrix.orgssss.andrey joined the room.15:16:50
22 May 2024
@kulbabka:matrix.orgMizoomi changed their display name from kulbabka to Mizoomi.20:51:33
@kulbabka:matrix.orgMizoomi changed their profile picture.20:51:55
23 May 2024
@akkoron:matrix.orgZuomak Solum left the room.07:51:24
@saweat645tapiret:tchncs.desaweat645tapiret joined the room.13:45:38
24 May 2024
@a6m5:matrix.orgAlexander Morosow joined the room.05:23:51
@a6m5:matrix.orgAlexander Morosow left the room.05:24:05

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