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16 May 2021
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18 May 2021
@telegram_1787334747:t2bot.io冯豪徨 Forwarded message from b3ak5qtf
Garfield Coins (GARF)---Green Dogecoin
We are a spontaneously established animal protection organization, and we hope to protect our planet by protecting wild animals.
GARF details:
Total amount: 100 Trillion, no team share, no pre-mining
Contract address:0x6eb7c4b8f4a3ca01062d5b752dea5c629c5f1b15

⚡️20% GARF is used as an airdrop to reward participants who help promote GARF.and you will receive 100 million GARF airdrops.
Telegram: https://t.me/GarfcoinGlobal4
21 May 2021
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24 May 2021
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25 May 2021
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26 May 2021
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27 May 2021
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1 Jun 2021
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7 Jun 2021
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8 Jun 2021
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9 Jun 2021
@telegram_129981057:t2bot.ioOmar Berroterán 💀 (Nadie Importante)image.jpeg
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@telegram_129981057:t2bot.ioOmar Berroterán 💀 (Nadie Importante)Photo from NoOne. Nadie00:20:27
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It started with a word to try something new. My first payment came after 3days when I invested 300usd and since then I have received countless payments, I recommend him delivers
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11 Jun 2021
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13 Jun 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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22 Jun 2021
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23 Jun 2021
@telegram_1658364801:t2bot.ioMo-hamed Benoitimage.jpeg
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@telegram_1658364801:t2bot.ioMo-hamed Benoitimage.jpeg
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@telegram_1658364801:t2bot.ioMo-hamed Benoit My common reason to invest in Cryptocurrency, is the desire for a reliable, long-term of value. Don't be skeptical for long on this!
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