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13 May 2017
14:47:57@Breeze:matrix.orgkudrakarma joined the room.
3 Aug 2017
21:20:28@Breeze:matrix.orgkudrakarma set their display name to kudrakarma.
21:20:47@Breeze:matrix.orgkudrakarma set a profile picture.
21:23:12@Breeze:matrix.orgkudrakarma changed their profile picture.
4 Aug 2017
14:12:06@Breeze:matrix.orgkudrakarma changed their profile picture.
18 Aug 2017
20:48:03@nigel:matrix.org@nigel:matrix.org joined the room.
23 Nov 2017
13:49:03@j3:matrix.orgMJ1 joined the room.
15 Dec 2017
08:34:11@1248163264128AAA:matrix.org@1248163264128AAA:matrix.org left the room.
28 Jan 2018
10:36:27@MatrixRob:matrix.orgrob joined the room.
10:44:28@MatrixRob:matrix.orgrob set their display name to rob.
21 Mar 2018
13:07:47@sweiz:matrix.orgSweiz joined the room.
31 Mar 2018
12:51:30@kevin09cho:matrix.org@kevin09cho:matrix.org joined the room.
9 May 2018
11:34:18@ablebob:matrix.orgablebob joined the room.
11 May 2018
02:24:03@ablebob:matrix.orgablebobLooks like winter may have finally arrived. :)
09:53:37@sweiz:matrix.orgSweizAnd for a full day no less!
18 May 2018
08:26:20@founder:matrix.org@founder:matrix.org joined the room.
08:27:15@founder:matrix.org@founder:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
13 Jun 2018
07:30:51@modul8:matrix.org@modul8:matrix.org joined the room.
25 Jul 2018
09:04:20@rtyjrtyjrtyjrtyj:matrix.orgrtyjrtyjrtyjrtyj joined the room.
23 Aug 2018
03:14:38@pixel8ed:matrix.orgpixel8ed joined the room.
22 Feb 2019
22:36:59@pixel8ed:matrix.orgpixel8ed set a profile picture.
22:38:05@pixel8ed:matrix.orgpixel8ed changed their profile picture.
22:39:31@pixel8ed:matrix.orgpixel8ed changed their profile picture.
20 Apr 2019
03:49:30@modul8:matrix.org@modul8:matrix.org left the room.
16 May 2019
13:08:45@goodegg:matrix.orggoodegg joined the room.
24 May 2019
07:48:48@dubious_visionary:matrix.orgdubious_visionary joined the room.
3 Jul 2019
20:24:24@charansritej:matrix.org@XenonDust:matrix.org joined the room.
4 Jul 2019
04:52:32@matrix_francis:matrix.orgFrancis Miranda joined the room.
04:54:34@matrix_francis:matrix.orgFrancis Miranda changed their display name from matrix_francis to Aryan.
04:59:14@matrix_francis:matrix.orgFrancis Miranda changed their display name from Aryan to Francis Miranda.

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