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21 Mar 2020
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerI think so? Its webrtc23:37:17
@igel:matrix.orgigelshould try this 23:38:03
22 Mar 2020
In reply to @igel:matrix.org
you can test it over mesh if u want http://y.docker-compo.se/ or http://[216:9f49:62ff:4170:1081:45fb:553a:1acc]/
I'm pretty sure we could point meet.massmesh.net and jitsi.massmesh.net at this with AAAA records, no?
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerthat'd be pretty neat... autoconnects over the mesh if available01:42:45
In reply to @lurker42o:matrix.org
that'd be pretty neat... autoconnects over the mesh if available
@igel:matrix.orgigelmay be this will make p2p work like, real well03:38:36
@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304I added the AAAA, I think the CNAME should automatically apply (?)03:41:07
@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304In that I have A and AAAA for jitsi., and CNAME from meet. -> jitsi., so hopefully meet. can resolve to AAAA through the CNAME03:41:48
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerhow will I know whether I've connected over the mesh vs. not?16:32:37
@igel:matrix.orgigeluse the ipv6 or http://y.docker-compo.se -- needs testing16:33:20
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerI mean that part works fine16:33:31
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerI just wanna know when I use the meet.massmesh.net or jitsi.massmesh.net domain whether it in fact resolved to the yggdrasil ip16:33:55
@igel:matrix.orgigeli guess so, i read something about some connections requireing their transport be TLS or wont work16:34:11
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerI am connected to meet.massmesh.net/yo ovver the mesh on a non-gatewayed connection21:23:54
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerJoin the room on a mesh connected device lets see if this works21:24:18
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerAnyone haha21:24:43
@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304Did you get to test it?21:36:34
@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304I can get on 21:36:48
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkeralright give me just a sec21:37:17
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerto re-establish connection with gateway down21:37:34
25 Mar 2020
@megakeegman:matrix.orgI am a robotok00:29:10
26 Mar 2020
@megakeegman:matrix.orgI am a robotHey, I was just chatting with a friend of mine who is involved in some mutual aid networks with her neighbors. People are organizing right now to be closer with their neighbors, and those are the communities that we need to be in touch with, usually, but especially right now. They are already invested in community infrastructure, so I'm hoping to find out if they might be interested in collectively investing in a mesh. Is anyone else connected with any local-level community aid networks?01:54:08
@megakeegman:matrix.orgI am a robotAlso does anyone know anything about a Voice over Yggdrasil? A friend and their community are expressing need for local phone-call networks. Something I know that can be done over mesh, but don't know more than that right now02:04:18
@megakeegman:matrix.orgI am a robotMaybe at our public meeting we should be discussing building resilient and distributed infrastructure for mutual aid networks for situations like this pandemic.We could invite people in mutual aid networks to join the conversation too.02:07:48
@megakeegman:matrix.orgI am a robothttps://www.massjwj.net/news/2020/3/17/cover-19-mutual-aid-networks18:34:57
31 Mar 2020
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefealso: https://masspirates.org/blog/resources-to-fight-covid-19/00:54:29
5 Apr 2020
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerDownload Install Guide.pdf20:42:17
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerLemme know what y'all think20:42:36
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker * Lemme know what y'all think20:42:39

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