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29 Jun 2022
@el_capitan_:matrix.org@el_capitan_:matrix.orgCalmate James16:17:03
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:26:48
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/bochinchero] bye james 16:27:04
@tivra:decred.orgtivraYes, it was time for him to go17:12:57
@tivra:decred.orgtivraHe'll be back tomorrow under another name17:13:07

Bank of America Says 'Crypto Winter' Concerns Haven't Frozen Investor Interest
"It was a consensus view that institutional investors and corporates are preparing to enter the digital assets ecosystem, but remain on the sidelines until a comprehensive regulatory framework is established, the report said."

@tivra:decred.orgtivraI guess if Grayscale ETF was accepted by SEC on 6th July, it would make the winter a little bit warmer17:14:21
@tivra:decred.orgtivraThe chances of that happening are like 1% IMO17:14:43
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/temakiss] how much months need for other trading pairs(ltc, zec,xmr..) start trading in dcrdex? 17:36:21
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] 43 17:41:07
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/temakiss] ok, very soon 17:43:40
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] ™️ 17:44:04
@jz:decred.orgjzXMR is not being worked on so never. LTC/DOGE are ready now but not enabled on the server and ZEC should be ready in a few weeks.18:06:38
@tivra:decred.orgtivraETH should be approaching readiness too18:08:42
@davecgh:decred.orgdavecghYeah ETH is nominally working, but there are still corner cases being worked on and a lot of testing and all.18:09:36
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/temakiss] "LTC/DOGE are ready now but not enabled on the server" - 🤓 18:20:07
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] this would be a service provided by anons, but nah u doooo custodial pickpocket 18:35:11
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] this is like stakeholder pay for your business model. but you don't understand 18:40:07
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] even when letters written in the clouds 18:40:18
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] you risk jail instead 😂 18:41:56
@dwillemsen:decred.orgdwillemsenWe will be in an accumulation phase for the next 2/3 years and thereafter the third crypto bull cycle will commence19:44:28
@dwillemsen:decred.orgdwillemsenThe prophecy told us that the third bull cycle will be epic for decred. So accumulate as much as possible dcr in the next 2/3 years.19:45:10
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] 19:46:11
Download file_16958.jpg
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] july is coming, can you feel it? 20:06:26
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [discord/tothemoon] Man, Bruce Fenton’s on fire with his senator campaign even though it’s not going anywhere 20:33:12
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/endb0ss] https://youtu.be/mw2kKyJu9gY?t=117 20:34:23
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [discord/tothemoon] Is he the first serious crypto dude running for offices? NH seems like a fine place to live 20:34:45
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [discord/tothemoon] I find Bruce’s very aligned philosophically with Decred, and he mentioned it once long time ago, maybe we should shoot our shot again 20:38:27

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