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28 Nov 2022
In reply to @bridge:decred.org
[discord/Void] because tarding chan can be dead wen at the bottom, here's an attempt to turn it deader, while scoopin. New top tier, 1st draft
Please amend adminotaur-tier: it needs a big dick to swing around and trip over.
@kozel:decred.orgkozelOh god, I love me some #tarding lore.07:02:37
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/camilolwi] Ownership (re @dcrbridge_bot: [matrix/el_capitan] I like new traders - what’s the catalyst for people starting to heavily use the DEX) 11:52:48
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/camilolwi] For sure (re @dcrbridge_bot: [matrix/warrior] So the logical consequence of that is there is two species of bitcoins - black and white .. CEX will make tat distinction is US rite) 11:53:55
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/camilolwi] GM Everyone ! 11:55:08
In reply to @bridge:decred.org
[telegram/camilolwi] Ownership (re @dcrbridge_bot: [matrix/el_capitan] I like new traders - what’s the catalyst for people starting to heavily use the DEX)
I’d say the FTX scam was a good one.
@pubpete:matrix.orgpubpete I really hope we have some big buyers waiting on the sidelines to buy, or this is gonna slowly bleed down further. We’ve held up pretty good, but new buyers need to come along eventually 13:08:54
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Well stables on dex will be a great feature attracting more users 13:14:24
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] And then there's the big reveal of the new feature we're waiting for 13:14:42
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] And 13:14:47
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Sell pressure should be getting reduced over time 13:15:18
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] So things are looking good pubpete, in the long run 13:15:57
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Post FTX crash world is actually more promising for decred 13:16:46
@bochinchero:decred.orgbochincheroI think the next run will make the last one look small13:17:01
@bochinchero:decred.orgbochincheromaybe I've got too much hopium13:17:09
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] My hope is the next run would finally make sense 13:17:41
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] IE good projects finally pump 13:17:49
@bochinchero:decred.orgbochincherobut miners can no longer instadump 50% of the new issuance13:17:53
@bochinchero:decred.orgbochincheroimagine where the price would be now if miners were still receiving 60% of the block reward13:18:17
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] True 13:18:30
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] https://fxtwitter.com/CoinDesk/status/1597216302724415488 13:40:03
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] They felt like they had to chime in for some reason 13:40:22
@toad:decred.orgtoadNice catch. That article is so obviously biased. Clearly JpMorgan and its institutional friends want to maintain their centralized access to customer funds so they can continue to create tradfi style financial instruments, loans, yield products, and maintain their data honey pots. Of course when they talk of disadvantages such as pools, and oracles, over collateralization, they are talking about fake Dex's that are mostly centralized.13:53:48
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Post FTX crash world is actually more promising for decred 13:54:34
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] It means they want to enter CEX space more probably 13:58:15
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Didn't they just release a wallet 13:58:20
@dwillemsen:decred.orgdwwwall street is designed to get your money one way or another. And if you're smart enough and managed to avoid their tricks for a lifetime your children will probably skrew up and give their money anyway. 14:12:49
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Haha past part of your post is funny 14:15:56
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Probably true 14:15:58
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [telegram/tivra] Haha the last part of your post is funny 14:16:05

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