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15 Apr 2024
@kozel:decred.orgkozelVery big bid on Binance @ $18.64, iirc.19:15:26
@saender:decred.orgsænderdamn it, dont have ob data this way back to dissect19:23:05
@saender:decred.orgsænderalso was late to the show19:23:27
Download overwhelming-ask-chunks-dcrusdt.jpg
@saender:decred.orgsænderlike a barricade built ontop19:31:48
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <Tivra> so apparently there are punk bands singing about crypto now...20:08:01
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <Tivra> now I've seen it all...20:08:25
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <Tivra> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWJWqIhK_uA20:08:44
@bochinchero:decred.orgbochinchero10/10 would listen again20:54:31
@saender:decred.orgsænderdat guerrillaesque marketing20:56:43
@saender:decred.orgsænderother videos are more fun from the ch21:04:51
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[br] <Tivra> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWJWqIhK_uA
could be mixmash of bought and paid for dubbers and ai music production
@saender:decred.orgsændertbh its sounds something you would endorse and/or initiate, tiv21:14:57
In reply to @brbot:decred.org
[br] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWJWqIhK_uA
That’s really cool!
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16 Apr 2024
@peoney1:decred.orgpeoney1Wen will TS run out of fuel?10:24:23
@peoney1:decred.orgpeoney1still soon? or change of mindset10:24:49
@kozel:decred.orgkozelYou need to sell first.10:35:04
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <warrior> ping10:37:38
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <warrior> win 210:37:50
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In reply to @peoney1:decred.org
Wen will TS run out of fuel?
if one deposits into cex, theres no way of knowing if the platform isn't using given funds against the depositor
@saender:decred.orgsænderif bn is not directly one facet of TS-ing, then def. is a facilitator of given operation, this much is certain14:50:23
@saender:decred.orgsænderit basically comes down to not to deposit into cex14:51:05
@saender:decred.orgsænder * it basically comes down to not to deposit there14:51:23
@dhill:decred.orgdhillthe crowd yells fiat is garbage - cryptocurrency is decentralized money. same crowd stores all their cryptocurrency on 2 different exchanges14:52:41
@saender:decred.orgsænderI have a better one for you, they buy cc representation from a bank, imaginary units one can't withdraw.14:55:21
@saender:decred.orgsænderI've seen this frankenstein of a product.14:55:59
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <warrior> paypal krypto similar17:19:49
@karamble:decred.orgkarambleFlooding the dubai desert18:15:21

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