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29 Sep 2023
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Passwordlessly* 11:45:13
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Libertarianism will never be a thing, it's just something high IQ People are attracted to because they assume everyone is as self sufficient as they are. Let alone anarchism which is a joke 11:46:37
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra There will always be sheep and Wolves. And that's why a libertarian society of "sovereigns" will never materialize except in small pockets and experiments which will not be relevant for society at large 11:47:56
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Or I should have said sheep and shepherds 11:48:28
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra In the past we have visible masters, now and moreso in the future we will have increasingly invisible Masters 11:50:29
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Crypto won't change this 11:50:35
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra That's my view anyway, sorry I'm too old to do the whole "crypto will solve everything and we will all be free sovereigns" story 11:51:14
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Crypto is still good of course, it optimizes/improves storing value globally 11:51:54
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra And even has potential to challenge the invisible tax scam with central banking inflation 11:52:26
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> key mgmt is only hard because it requires conditioning, which is something you can't just snap your fingers and create11:54:36
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> people have been conditioned to use the banking system for decades and that is very tough and slow to undo11:54:58
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> with fiat, your "custody" of your assets is based on your meatspace credentials, e.g. social security number/card, id/drivers license, mail showing your current address, a username and password assigned to you based on the other info, etc11:56:35
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> this process is complex, annoying, and has plenty of its own pitfalls11:57:12
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> imo, in comparison, ccs are easier because you don't have to collect all this stupid meatspace info, go to some physical location (bank), and talk to some person. however, people are highly conditioned to this process11:58:12
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> writing down a seed, storing a seed, and maintaining decent opsec on your machine are definitely very different from the fiat process, but i would argue they're actually much easier than with fiat11:59:33
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> afaict, it's pretty much impossible to create a system that does not translate to someone else custodying your assets in terms of key mgmt, if the aim is to reproduce the fiat ux of being able to on-demand say "hey, it's me, i've lost my keys or whatever", then be granted access to your assets again12:01:02
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <dhill> when bittrex us was going offline, told a family member to withdrawal their DCR. When it got to the words to write down, they started to get annoyed. I said.. it is that mindset that just says, move it to another bank/exchange.. your annoyance is what feeds your other annoyance about banks and their dirty tricks.. 12:01:25
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <dhill> writing down a a dozen words and keeping them safe.. or go do KYC with some business who has control over your money and share your personal info willingingly or through getting hacked.12:03:14
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <jy-p> the idea of having an ai manage your keys is interesting, but you need to control the hw that ai runs on then. there is also the risk that the ai wises up at some point and starts spending your ccs :)12:03:18
@grim8vandal:decred.orggrim8vandalSelf-sovereignty (where it makes sense) needs have its own class in school. Not gonna happen with western governments.12:06:26
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra "not gonna happen with western governments" 12:20:36
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra If it's gonna happen anywhere, it's gonna happen in the west 12:20:50
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Where else? China? Russia? 12:21:08
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Well depends what you mean by "west" 12:21:53
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Yes what jy-p said is right about the dangers in the AI managing key idea ... how can you prove that the AI don't just decide to spend the CCs in some way it deems good/necessary for you? 12:23:11
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Even if you disagree ... (good Black mirror episode idea!) 12:23:25
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra It's still a "black box" ultimately 12:23:49
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra Can't work 12:23:54
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra "Hey I don't approve of this spend of 0.01 BTC please give me full access to my wallet again I wanna stop this" - "I can't let you do that, Dave." 12:25:46
@_discord_171256531336036352:t2bot.iotivra I have scanned all your history from 1994 to now and have determined that this is exactly what you want to do. Even if it doesn't seem that way to you, you'll thank me later. Trust me. 12:26:53

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