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30 Mar 2023
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <dhill> bitcoin fixes nothing if you do not self-custody17:08:09
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <karamble> this is quite interesting. Multiple times it was documented that also Tron is the fuel for the global 'China Police' . Another good read currently is the book 'Tracers in the Dark'18:42:54
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <gravityz3r0> okay, im still trying to understand LN, say u open outbound channel A with 1 DCR, and channel B with 10 DCR capacity. If you try to send 11DCR, will it fail?19:43:25
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <gravityz3r0> assuming certain router goes down, and different funds takes a different path thus arriving at different time19:43:54
@dhill:decred.orgdhillask in the br channel19:49:29
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <davec> That looks like a bot bug. Was already asked and answered yesterday.19:57:00
@gravityz3r0:decred.orggravityz3r0Yea, not sure why was it being reposted, seems like it happened when i logged in br a while ago?20:04:15
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@brbot:decred.orgbrbotRedacted or Malformed Event20:29:52
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <PhoenixGreen> https://twitter.com/DecredSociety/status/164153755426764392520:30:47
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <Tivra> Nice tweet PhoenixGreen20:33:01
@phoenixgreen:matrix.orgphoenixgreenYeah, got my first tip from Oprah. Amazing, I can't believe how well it works.20:35:23
@davecgh:decred.orgdavecgh dhill: See above ^ 20:35:25
@phoenixgreen:matrix.orgphoenixgreenThat's a lot of text. sorry about that.20:35:56
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <davec> Yeah, there are still some cosmetic things and more UX improvements, but it's coming along quite nicely.20:37:51
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <karamble> a tip for you phoenixgreen, when you post an image on br, do not add text, only post the image/embed and send your text in a second seperate image20:45:46
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <karamble> oprah is a good bot!20:46:18
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <karamble> it sends the best DMs of all20:48:31
@phoenixgreen:matrix.orgphoenixgreenThanks for the tip. yeah, Oprah is amazing 👍20:51:29
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <karamble> i meant, send your text in a second separate message20:54:41
@phoenixgreen:matrix.orgphoenixgreen Yeah, I know. I should have used ‘advice’ rather than ‘tip’. 21:38:03
@brbot:decred.orgbrbot[br] <davec> A tip for a tip.21:48:38
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31 Mar 2023
@pubpete:matrix.orgpubpete Just pile drivers, pile drivers everywhere 00:51:30
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [discord/Toussaint] So are we buying bros? 01:28:57
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [discord/Toussaint] things look really flat. Might be time to get some tickets 01:30:07
@abdulrahman4:matrix.orgabdulrahman4Nay, I only sell low and buy high01:31:19
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org [discord/Toussaint] smart man 01:33:05

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