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Polkabot is taking care of watching the Polkadot network for you. Be informed as soon as something happens: slow downs, referenda, runtime upgrades, validator in/out, etc...9 Servers

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25 Apr 2020
17:10:38@tom_tom:matrix.orgtom_tom left the room.
27 Apr 2020
13:21:24@asapede:matrix.orgAlan S. joined the room.
1 May 2020
10:52:10@melea:matrix.orgVรญctor | melea left the room.
7 May 2020
19:50:05@gnossienli:matrix.orgIlhan | staker.space left the room.
18 May 2020
00:13:58@terry:matrix.parity.ioTerry changed their display name from Terry to Terry (ooo till June 1).
18:17:43@raul.rtti:matrix.parity.ioraul.rtti joined the room.
22 May 2020
16:39:58@hutch:web3.foundationhutch changed their profile picture.
25 May 2020
22:48:02@vanessa:bau-ha.usvanessa joined the room.
26 May 2020
12:56:34@terry:matrix.parity.ioTerry changed their display name from Terry (ooo till June 1) to Terry.
18:35:07@fabian:riotchat.defabian joined the room.
21:57:28@jyap:matrix.orgjyap joined the room.
21:57:43@jyap:matrix.orgjyap left the room.
27 May 2020
06:56:43@redpenguin:matrix.orgredpenguin joined the room.
29 May 2020
17:46:51@carlad:matrix.orgcdra joined the room.
30 May 2020
08:32:56@endro:matrix.orgendro joined the room.
31 May 2020
08:18:43@beate:server.matrix4ulm.debeate joined the room.
12:22:46@dbpatty:matrix.orgDBpatty | ANAMIX changed their display name from DBpatty | ANAMIX - MODELCHAINX to DBpatty | ANAMIX.
1 Jun 2020
11:33:24@rjekih:matrix.orgrjekih joined the room.
22:08:06@sio34:matrix.orgsio34 set a profile picture.
3 Jun 2020
01:17:20@blakeburrito:matrix.orgblakeburrito joined the room.
01:42:17@thepassivetrust:matrix.orgthepassivetrust joined the room.
23:28:38@demyan:matrix.orgDemyan joined the room.
4 Jun 2020
06:25:04@kmanijak:matrix.orgKrzychu TOKENIKA joined the room.
10:04:00@carola:ggc-project.decarola joined the room.
13:17:45@clement:hackerspaces.beclement joined the room.
6 Jun 2020
08:26:02@goldeneye1:matrix.orggoldeneye joined the room.
09:15:40@polkabot:matrix.orgpolkabotBleep! Bleep! I am awake. Polkadot, I am watching you!
09:23:48@polkabot:matrix.orgpolkabot๐ŸŽ‚ Happy BlocthDay!!! The chain is now at block #154666
10:12:42@polkabot:matrix.orgpolkabot๐ŸŽ‚ Happy BlocthDay!!! The chain is now at block #155155
18:12:41@polkabot:matrix.orgpolkabot๐ŸŽ‚ Happy BlocthDay!!! The chain is now at block #159951

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