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4 Mar 2024
@_discord_314766287853191169:ckie.devplyshkan#0 i heard varjo was pretty nvidia specific 20:14:33
@dotsh:meowing.shdotshhow so?20:17:44
@_discord_314766287853191169:ckie.devplyshkan#0 varjo aero doesn't support amd gpus 20:21:59
@_discord_797861611637440553:ckie.devbabblebones#0 On windows yeah 20:23:52
@_discord_797861611637440553:ckie.devbabblebones#0 Whole different game here probably 20:24:03
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 I would think it would have a low likelyhood of existing on linux then 20:24:54
@dotsh:meowing.shdotshapparantly they have some special sauce software the headset requires on windows20:25:40
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 yeah, I'd assume like the vive pro 2 and pimax headsets 20:26:03
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt Probably some specific code to tell the headset to turn on lol 20:26:27
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt There’s most likely nothing tied to nvidia itself 20:26:42
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 any news on pimax on linux? 20:26:43
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 that open source driver stuff 20:26:46
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt Unless they ship their own compositor* 20:26:59
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt coughs in the general direction of the Vive Pro 2 / Vive Cosmos 20:27:18
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt Vive Console makes me cry 20:28:02
Download image.png
In reply to @_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.dev
Unless they ship their own compositor*
i wouldnt rule it out.
Download image.png
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt I still love how Vive NEVER fixed the Mic issue on the Pro / Pro Eye 20:29:21
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt I love becoming chipmunk 20:29:34
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 it's kind of iconic lol 20:29:54
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt I use an external mic at this point 20:30:04
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 I have an og vive and really wanna get a pimax headset but they dont work on linux yet from what I gather 20:30:31
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt I’ve heard the Pimax build quality is uhhhh lacking? 20:31:12
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt Probably fixable with 3d printed parts 20:31:26
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 I've heard so too, but for some reason I'm just hyped for high fov 20:32:00
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 idk I'm like if the choice is between a valve index or that, it seems a lot cooler for the same amount of money 20:32:39
@dotsh:meowing.shdotshwhich pimax20:33:09
@_discord_87175509309419520:ckie.devbenjaminzehowlt I’m also kinda disappointed they discontinued their eye tracking module 20:33:50
@_discord_510621703051935744:ckie.devothello7 one of the 5K headsets 20:33:55

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