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9 Feb 2018
12:46:42@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Yea, I like that one better.
10 Feb 2018
13:55:39@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Ok, that just escalated quickly.
13:57:04@aaron:matrix.orgaaronBeyond the fleeting satisfaction of crushing you, those games aren’t even fun. :P
15 Feb 2018
16:40:53@kon:matrix.orgkon I hate starting 3/3/3 with a trade row full of 4's and 5's. That might be the start that balances the first player advantage of the game.
16:47:48@kon:matrix.orgkon2 Patrol Mechs (3 Trade/5 Attack ship from the base set), Bioformer (3 Attack base that scraps for 3 trade), Parasite (6 attack or free 6 cost), and Space Station (2 damage outpost that scraps for 4 trade) in the first 8 cards.
15 Mar 2018
02:58:32@kon:matrix.orgkonRob did an interview for Twist Gaming: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/238433670
02:58:41@kon:matrix.orgkonStarts around 4:31:00

For people too lazy to watch the video:

  • Footage of the big box and dividers.
  • Frontiers will include some new solo/co-op challenges
  • Commanders are balanced against each other or against 2 cooperating regular players
  • All Commander decks will start with 12 cards including 4 Scouts and 1 Viper
  • Biolord Walsh Machine Cult/Blob
  • 6 card starting hand
  • 70 starting authority
  • Unity Warcraft (Gambit): Your bases get +1 defense. Your opponent's bases get -1 defense.
  • Walsh's Stratagem (Gambit): Scrap: 2 trade. Machine Cult ally. Blob ally. Put the next base you acquire this turn directly into play.
  • Welder Drone (Machine Cult Ship): 2 trade or 2 combat
  • Laser Drone (Machine Cult Ship): 2 combat. Ally Machine Cult: 1 combat. Ally double Machine Cult: 2 combat.
  • Scout Bot (Unaligned Ship): 1 trade. Ally Machine Cult: Choose a card of cost 2 or less in your discard pile. Put it on top of your deck.
  • Swarmling (Blob Ship): 2 combat. Ally Blob: 1 Combat. You may scrap a card in the trade row.
  • Protopod (Blob Ship): 2 trade. Ally Blob: 1 combat.
  • Cluster Viper (Unaligned Ship): 2 combat. Ally Blob: 1 combat.
03:08:41@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Those gambits feel like power creep, but they’re very interesting.
03:35:33@kon:matrix.orgkonThe decks are supposed to be super OP, but all equally OP. Remember, those are supposed to be about twice the power level of a normal Gambit.
11:54:37@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Ahh, makes sense.
16 Mar 2018
03:06:06@kon:matrix.orgkonInterview with Board Game Geek News: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/238723632
03:06:15@kon:matrix.orgkonStarts around 5:20:00
03:07:52@kon:matrix.orgkonRedacted or Malformed Event
03:08:23@kon:matrix.orgkonAnd with word wrap:
03:08:24@kon:matrix.orgkon* Universal storage box in June, Frontiers July, Command Decks in August * Frontiers will include 6 co-op/solo challenges * Command is balanced other command or a 2 player hydra * All Command Decks will have an 8 cost ship to shuffle into the market deck when playing as that Commander. * Divine Admiral Le: Star Empire/Machine Cult Commander. 6 card hand, 64 starting authority - Le's Foray (Gambit): Scrap: Star Empire ally. Machine Cult ally. You may scrap a card in your hand or discard pile. If you do, draw a card. - Alignment Ingenuity (Gambit): Whenever you use a self scrap ability of a ship or base, you may draw a card, then discard a card. - Salvage Drone (Machine Cult Ship): 1 trade or scrap a card in your hand or discard pile. - Imperial Talon (Star Empire Ship): 2 combat. Ally Star Empire: 2 combat. - Imperial Viper (Unaligned Ship): 1 combat. Ally Star Empire: You may discard a card. If you do, draw a card. - Mech Battleship (Machine Cult/Star Empire Ship), 8 cost: You may scrap up to two cards from your hand and/or discard pile. Draw cards equal to the number of cards scrapped this way, then discard an equal number of cards. Ally Machine Cult/Star Empire: 6 combat
24 Mar 2018
17:13:58@kon:matrix.orgkonDice Tower interview from GAMA: http://www.dicetower.com/game-video/white-wizard-games-presents-star-realms-command-decks-gama-2018
17:15:16@kon:matrix.orgkonStorage Box promos: - Brooder (see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1172937197/star-realms-frontiers/posts/2060502) - Embassy Transport (Trade Federation Ship), 4 Cost - 3 Trade, 3 Authority. Scrap: Draw a card for each base you have in play. - Orbital Crane (Star Empire Ship), 3 cost - 2 Trade, You may return target base to its owner's hand. Star Empire Ally: Draw a card. - Recovery Mech (Machine Cult Ship), 4 Cost - 5 damage. You may put a card from your discard pile on top of your deck. Biolord Walsh already covered - Command Decks are $5.99 - Universal Storage Box will be $29.99 Hero Realms: - Next campaign chapter with 3 more encounters [down from 6] - 4 small market deck expansions - New character decks are not happening soon
16 May 2018
16:01:02@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I’m pretty sure I threw the game. I gambled on that early 8, didn’t draw it, and killed all my buy.
16:31:03@kon:matrix.orgkonI am surprised you went for the Fleet HQ. It is, by far, the weakest 8-cost.
17:03:51@aaron:matrix.orgaaron It was the HQ, the brain world, or the 7 scrap base.
17:04:13@aaron:matrix.orgaaron They’re both worth five damage unless you get faction.
17:06:53@kon:matrix.orgkonBlob World, you mean? Brain World would be the obvious right answer.
17:17:31@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Yea, sorry, blob world.
17:17:52@aaron:matrix.orgaaron 8-yellow, 8-green, 7-red.
2 Aug 2018
17:52:21@kon:matrix.orgkon Two new Hero Realms sets coming to Kickstarter: http://www.herorealms.com/kickstarter/
6 Dec 2018
18:07:46@aaron:matrix.orgaaron kon: can you only complete one mission per turn?
18:37:29@kon:matrix.orgkonYep, did the app forget to say that?
18:40:22@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Probably.
25 Jan 2019
11:39:32@kon:matrix.orgkon Star Realms now.has an open beta: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ThimALKS2vRippgp5DXJ7t_O9fjwq4fktc04A6J9sQw/edit?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR38Gr2Ntr4qXI4uYZwJ1JmTdM9X4qqmRKSPuOU5RyZKF13QvvAlWp2reuI

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