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5 Nov 2019
18:41:39@jeroen:im.leptonics.comJeroen joined the room.
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8 Nov 2019
18:35:29@OlafLostViking:matrix.orgOlafLostViking joined the room.
19:48:21@freijon:matrix.orgfreijon joined the room.
19:50:17@freijon:matrix.orgfreijonDoes Pantalaimon work fine on a Raspberry Pi 3 in terms of Ressource consumption? Or is something more powerful recommended?
19:54:54@poljar:matrix.orgpoljari would assume it should work, but i haven't tested it
19:55:32@travis:t2l.ioTravisRit works fine, resource usage is fairly minimal
19:55:43@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthe client you're using will probably have a higher impact on the system
19:55:56@travis:t2l.ioTravisR(I have tested it on a pi)
9 Nov 2019
20:14:32@wtp2018:matrix.orgaCat joined the room.
12 Nov 2019
10:05:05@freijon:matrix.orgfreijonDoes Pantalaimon store any message data on the machine? I'm not asking because of privacy concerns, I'm interested about disk space requirements
10:06:04@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthe released version no, there is an experimental branch that adds search support for encrypted rooms
10:06:27@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthat one does, but if that gets added to a release version it will be optional
10:19:30@freijon:matrix.orgfreijonso in order to search encrypted messages Pantalaimon needs to store all messages locally?
10:21:04@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarwell you have two options, fetch the whole room history from the server and search the messages as you go; or store the messages locally so you can index and search them
10:21:45@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarsince option one would have been very slow and not very nice to the server we opted for option two
10:25:25@freijon:matrix.orgfreijonI see. but it will only be activated for encrypted rooms and not all (public) rooms?
10:26:45@freijon:matrix.orgfreijonand I assume the message contents will be stored encrypted and will be decrypted on the fly?
10:32:26@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarcorrect, non-encrypted rooms will use the server provided search; we might want to enable the client side search for DMs as well, but that's not yet decided
10:33:06@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthe thing that pantalaimon uses stores them in clear text, but if it gets released it will use seshat https://github.com/matrix-org/seshat/
10:33:25@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarseshat has the ability to encrypt the events as well as the index, so no leakage should be going on
11:28:16@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionDoe pantalaimon search branch run fine in docker?
11:29:29@poljar:matrix.orgpoljari would say no, it's pre-docker image AFAIR; it might have bit-rotted a bit as well
11:30:23@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionhmm okay thanks
17 Nov 2019
22:41:20@travis:t2l.ioTravisRso, what do we do if pantalaimon continuously dumps "No session found with session id [session id]"? Seemingly it's stuck on its end and there's nothing the sender can do to unbreak it.
22:46:59@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewpresumably we need to log more about what megolm sessions it's heard about, and whether it's failing to decrypt olm sessions?
22:47:06@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew * presumably we need to log more about what megolm sessions it's heard about, and whether it's failing to decrypt olm sessions?

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