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13 Apr 2021
@_discord_157813441652981761:t2bot.ioEeran#6547 you could make a condtion if you know what mob it is 22:59:55
@_discord_157813441652981761:t2bot.ioEeran#6547 dpscond1=!${Select[${Target.DisplayName},An elite temple guard]} 23:01:23
@_discord_157813441652981761:t2bot.ioEeran#6547 and just add on to that as you run into more 23:01:30
@_discord_222731140174184448:t2bot.ioQck aka Pro_Hibbitz#7420 Ah ty Lemons I will make a hotkey for buffmode 23:13:00
@_discord_195655914651516928:t2bot.ioLemons#9490 If you're on beta set your max tries and it will not chain cast 23:24:02
@_discord_195655914651516928:t2bot.ioLemons#9490 I'll add slow immune detection to the wishlist 23:24:15
14 Apr 2021
@_discord_135894320417996800:t2bot.ioBrianGragg See thats why I post here. Always some Genius to point out my deficiencies 😉 Thanks Kaen / Lemons. Honestly thank you! 00:16:00
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 joined the room.03:25:58
Download noaemez.PNG
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 Any one have any idea why my enchanter wont AEmez ? 03:25:58
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman I’ve only started using kiss, but I’m having some issues with my bard targeting the MA’s target after mezzing an add. He’ll either keep the add targeted but move to the MA target likes he’s going to attack, but never reengages, or he’ll melee his mezzed mob and break it. 03:26:42
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman Debating on trying mule. 03:27:01
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 I love mule 03:27:10
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 post your bards melee and mez settings Doggman 03:27:39
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman [Melee]
StickHow=snaproll rear
MeleeTwistWhat=1 3 4 5 7 8
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman [Mez]
MezSpell=Lullaby of Morell
MezDebuffSpell=Your Debuff Spell
MezAESpell=Your AE Mez Spell|0
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman this is on an emu server 03:30:26
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 Any reason your not using MQ2melee ? 03:33:19
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman Nope, it was off by default, and I thought the macro was controlling what melee normally would? 03:34:51
@_discord_339605625933660160:t2bot.ioDoggman Does mq2melee check for mez? 03:35:47
@_discord_195655914651516928:t2bot.ioLemons#9490 You need a number after the AE spell to tell it when to use the AE. Fascination|3 03:39:04
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 omg thanks Lemons 03:39:23
@_discord_195655914651516928:t2bot.ioLemons#9490 mq2melee is the devil 😛 03:39:39
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 Doggman try with it on 03:39:43
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 Dont listen to Lemons , he knows nothing of this 😛 (just kidding) 03:40:02
@_discord_141607114370973696:t2bot.ioEbilsnopp#1049 When life gives you Lemons..... 03:47:58
@_discord_157813441652981761:t2bot.ioEeran#6547 if he turns on usemq2melee it will just attack the target he mezzed 04:18:30
@_discord_157813441652981761:t2bot.ioEeran#6547 bad idea 04:18:33
@_discord_234158197483634688:t2bot.ioAdmor#6682 this is a thing now on beta?! that's pretty amazing to hear! 07:30:23
@_discord_234158197483634688:t2bot.ioAdmor#6682 wow the new beta has a lot of cool things 07:35:24

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