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Website: https://bit.ly/2FtkeOV  | Community: https://matrix.to/#/+classicnfs:matrix.org | Discord Server: https://bit.ly/2SQzaKS This is a Modding (Need for Speed II) room, that is a part of a larger Need for Speed Classic community. We cover all the classic NFS games such as The Need for Speed. Need for Speed II, III Hot Pursuit, High Stakes, Porsche and Hot Pursuit 2. This community is Bridged with a Discord Server.3 Servers

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15 Apr 2021
@_discord_159365224594407425:flowtivity.ioJDMWeeb86 Monolithic Studios? 16:59:32
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 Nah this track wasn't included with the base game. 17:00:13
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 It was a user created track. 17:00:19
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 Created by players. 17:00:23
@_discord_159365224594407425:flowtivity.ioJDMWeeb86 Oh 17:00:29
@_discord_208470311308492800:flowtivity.ioMeteor/OD211 Nearly all mod content for NFS2 has been lost to time. 17:00:35
@_discord_208470311308492800:flowtivity.ioMeteor/OD211 Especially tracks. 17:00:40
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 I can remember a website for downloading custom tracks and cars but I can't remember what the name was. 17:00:41
@_discord_208470311308492800:flowtivity.ioMeteor/OD211 NFS2 never really had a modding scene with how NFS3 got all the attention. 17:01:02
@_discord_159365224594407425:flowtivity.ioJDMWeeb86 I've been running it stock so idk 17:01:10
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 https://www.nfsaddons.com/downloads/nfsug2/files/ 17:02:23
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 That site. 17:02:28
@_discord_433372067035873294:flowtivity.ioKyle_Katarn33 I believe. 17:02:30
@_discord_198508855729192960:flowtivity.ioDe-M-oN someone could make a nfs 2 track without breaking the track? 😄 22:16:42
@_discord_379704235832639498:flowtivity.ioGion [🇮🇹] changed their display name from Gion [🇮🇹] to Gion#8101.22:19:11
@_discord_379704235832639498:flowtivity.ioGion [🇮🇹] changed their display name from Gion#8101 to Gion [🇮🇹].22:19:12
@_discord_297791774141710346:flowtivity.ioZipper [🇦🇷] Yeah I've ported some TNFS ones into NFS2 23:44:13
@_discord_198508855729192960:flowtivity.ioDe-M-oN nfs 1 tracks in NFS 2? 23:53:13
@_discord_198508855729192960:flowtivity.ioDe-M-oN and they work? 23:53:19
@_discord_198508855729192960:flowtivity.ioDe-M-oN Can you share them? 😍 23:53:36
16 Apr 2021
@_discord_294166652835332096:flowtivity.ioNescafe I got them, but they dont have textures 07:11:41
@_discord_294166652835332096:flowtivity.ioNescafe And some parts are not much stable like with car camera or surface of the tracks 07:12:56
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@_discord_544548185486655498:flowtivity.ioRemko#3965 NFSAddons doesn't have and NFS2 addon cars or tracks (yet) unfortunately.
I also remember very few sites with NFS2 addon cars, this one of the few that's still live: https://nfseditor.de/
@_discord_492901004358975499:flowtivity.ioZas993[🇵🇪] https://youtu.be/VMR5FMlP18E 22:01:21
@_discord_492901004358975499:flowtivity.ioZas993[🇵🇪] https://youtu.be/lbgfV9cPmwQ 22:09:52
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18 Apr 2021
@_discord_348215694548140032:flowtivity.ioFoXtrot [🇧🇷] joined the room.01:47:21
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