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10 Jul 2020
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanI don't have kicad opened at the moment so I don't see what has been implemented there. But of course chances are that I made a mistake when creating the board template16:56:45
Download image.png
Download image.png
@drid:matrix.orgdridfrom template16:57:28
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanthink I created the template during the 2018 chaos communication congress. maybe I was drunk...16:59:28
@drid:matrix.orgdridSo what do u think about making the connector a symbol with named pins?17:01:05
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanI trying to think if I had a reason to deviate from what gomspace is doing17:01:31
@drid:matrix.orgdridIt makes sense to be on 1 and 3, easier to have equal track lengths17:02:15
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanyep, true17:04:24
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanlet's change it to 1 and 3 for both CANs17:04:42
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanwhy do you want to implement S-Band and UHF and not VHF/UHF?17:05:59
@drid:matrix.orgdridDone, there is an MR waiting :-)17:07:37
@drid:matrix.orgdridVHF is a bit overcrowded17:09:19
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Done, there is an MR waiting :-)
done :)
@rayan:hackerspaces.berayan 20:06:38
11 Jul 2020
@gustav:ggc-project.degustav 10:31:19
15 Jul 2020
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19 Jul 2020
In reply to @artur.librecube:matrix.org
sent an image.
Is the layout including the routing already in the system pcdu repository? The latest change I see in gitlab (and when I pull it) on the pcdu in /source/electrical/ is from 3 months ago and does not seem to include the routing
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholzare you on the develop branch?20:57:21
20 Jul 2020
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanThis is where I cloned it from, yes17:24:28
21 Jul 2020
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25 Jul 2020
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26 Jul 2020
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27 Jul 2020
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3 Aug 2020
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7 Aug 2020
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8 Aug 2020
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