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The place to meet, greet, learn and plan your next code adventure! See calendar (!cal in chat) for all upcoming events! If you would like to register with us, letting us know about any project you are working on, want to get help on your project, or if you would like to work on a new project, please fill out our Roll Call Questionnaire: https://bit.ly/31WT0ZS. NOTICE: There will be no Social Coding Calls until 17 Sep 2019. 28 Servers

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6 Mar 2020
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7 Mar 2020
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10 Mar 2020
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11 Mar 2020
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15 Mar 2020
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18 Mar 2020
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19 Mar 2020
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09:31:45@sopirk:privacytools.ioсопиркHey all
09:32:04@_slack_giveth_UUC6DB5D2:matrix.orgFelix Maduakor joined the room.
09:32:12@_slack_giveth_UUC6DB5D2:matrix.orgFelix Maduakor Hey!!
09:34:58@sopirk:privacytools.ioсопиркHi Felix Maduakor
13:18:32@sopirk:privacytools.ioсопиркWhat are you all working on?
20 Mar 2020
18:46:09@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisishey there, mostly on the commons stack 🙂 #seemynextmessage 🙂
18:46:35@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis <krrisis>Hi there!
For people new to our channels/rooms, or for people who have been here forever, you might have noticed that it is pretty quiet over here. Does this mean that Giveth is no longer alive and kicking? Far from it! Most of the team is currently working on the Commons Stack project: the Giveth DApp will be one of its main components.

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21 Mar 2020
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25 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
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2 Apr 2020
17:46:56@porton:matrix.orgportonhttps://github.com/Giveth/giveth-dapp/issues/1183 - I advise to mint your own token in additional to collect traditional donations, see also a related project https://reward.portonvictor.org of minting tokens for good works (BTW, could you start raising donations for this project?)

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