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17 Oct 2019
14:49:03@b3nm03:matrix.orgr2_%d&$2 joined the room.
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18 Oct 2019
02:14:41@abram.symons:matrix.orgMahdi HeydariHi everyone I'm trying to find a programming job. I'm had experience in solidity, web3, aragon app development and before that +10 years of experience in Python programming.
02:16:02@abram.symons:matrix.orgMahdi HeydariPlease let me know if anyone is seeking for a programmer 🙂
16:45:43@castall:matrix.orgAdam Stallard
In reply to @abram.symons:matrix.org
Please let me know if anyone is seeking for a programmer 🙂
Definitely talk to Aragon
19 Oct 2019
07:10:31@abram.symons:matrix.orgMahdi Heydari
In reply to @castall:matrix.org
Definitely talk to Aragon
Sure, Thanks
20 Oct 2019
00:01:50@b3nm03:matrix.orgr2_%d&$2 joined the room.
23 Oct 2019
13:11:11@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their display name from i [really] can't think of a nickname to i can think of a nickname.
13:15:32@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their display name from i can think of a nickname to a.
13:18:57@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their display name from a to i can't think of a nickname.
27 Oct 2019
19:59:22@gareppa:matrix.orggareppa joined the room.
31 Oct 2019
10:26:59@gareppa:matrix.orggareppa changed their profile picture.
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4 Nov 2019
15:25:34@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleWow ... how could I live without this? https://transfersh.com/
16:26:16@rnx:matrix.orgrnxi've been using mozilla send/ffsend for things like that ... that doesnt work with curl though
20:16:45@wire:monsieur-wire.dewire set a profile picture.
7 Nov 2019
01:10:23@justcleras:matrix.orghackerz joined the room.
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12 Nov 2019
04:00:33@pantsme:matrix.orgpantsme joined the room.
04:03:15@pantsme:matrix.orgpantsme bowensanders (@misterboyfriend:matrix.org): check out fabrx https://t.co/Bs2KBlPiGy
04:03:41@pantsme:matrix.orgpantsmeCan make any sort of api out of blockchain contract executions
04:54:07@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensandersThat looks interesting!
10:09:50@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcher joined the room.
13 Nov 2019
In reply to @misterboyfriend:matrix.org
That looks interesting!
ya its actually getting pretty good use. They only started it a few weeks ago and I see the majority of major dapps, kyber, maker, compound, already on there
06:01:09@pantsme:matrix.orgpantsmereally sweet stuff, now to come up with a way to use it thats valuable

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