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17 Sep 2019
18:08:51@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] Does anyone know where to source 20-40 old PCI or ISA modems?
18:08:55@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] asking for a friend
18:38:19@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[justbill] should have asked me a month and a 1/2 ago
18:38:38@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[justbill] I just shutdown the roc DC that about 15-20 modems that they use for call center stuff
18:38:43@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [justbill] it's all gone to recycler now
18:48:59@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] ha Story of my life
18:49:31@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] if anyone is decomissioning any data centers in the next 4 months and has excessivly old modems, please LMK
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22:32:21@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[rowan] I think it would be really good to clean up that pile of crap in the shop. Everyone tonight take some portion of it home and toss in the recycling bin. I dumped the printers off at Pod Computers on MT hope.
22:34:29@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [rowan] @antitree i don't have a bunch but may have a few. Also, have a pair of do-anything external security modems
22:36:10@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [antitree] That's ok. I'm looking to get them in bulk
22:36:37@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[rowan] Motorola Codex 3261.
22:37:37@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[rowan] Yeah unfortunately I already took a part and part it out my modem servers. Getting the software for those ascend systems probably would not have been easy
23:03:15@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slackRejoice, for someone is at the space!
23:13:47@freenode_ghpt:matrix.orgghptthe space is open.
23:13:56@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[bleullama] We’re go for full cleanup on the 28th but yeah still grab junk off the pile to recycle etc. There’s an old radio there I want to snag too. I’m gonna be heading to the space shortly
23:22:42@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] @bleullama would you mind making a meetup meaning for that? I told some if the 2600 people that I would let them know so they could come help
18 Sep 2019
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00:44:24@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[bleullama] ok.
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01:10:09@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[bleullama] https://propmoviemoney.com
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