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18 Feb 2020
15:29:43@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [bleullama] </AtariJokes>
15:31:41@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D96_1AsUajA
15:31:48@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] too many hz
15:32:08@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztv4uMmtgwc
15:32:15@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] appropriate amount of hz
15:42:57@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [bleullama] Over at the RMSC, they had/have? a demo to see if you can hear various frequencies at different volumes. I tried it out and learned something really interesting (to me anyway). I have tinnitus, and almost always hear a 'ringing' sorta, in my ears, mainly my left ear. ANyway, using the thing at RMSC, i turned the knob until i couldn't hear it anymore... which was around 13.5 kHz... which i learned is exactly
15:43:37@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [bleullama] before i started taking medications, around 6? years ago, I didn't have tinnitus, and could hear that high-pitched whine of an unconnected CRT, etc. Not anymore. :\
15:47:49@freenode_moondoggy:matrix.orgmoondoggyThanks, people for the 2600 info. I think DOE blocks meetup.com for some reason.
15:52:26@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [antitree] You can also RSVP by our new and improved website: https://www.rochester2600.com/ We're on facebook if that is better
15:59:29@freenode_moondoggy:matrix.orgmoondoggyThat site is totally going to hack me, right?
16:02:48@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhoyeah, it will.
16:03:20@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [antitree] right. The way that I get more attendance is by hacking into their browsers and ransomwaring them into attending meetings. I don't even want to attend these meetings but they've got some good blackmail on me so I have to
16:05:17@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhowhat else could explain such dedication
16:22:57@freenode_moondoggy:matrix.orgmoondoggy Or you don't hack everyone, and that's just what you WANT us to think...
16:23:09@freenode_moondoggy:matrix.orgmoondoggyAnyway, I am hoping to make it next time.
20:06:36@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [bleullama] so @antitree - you mentioned back at the (only) 2600 mtg i went to, that you had it automatically compile the article links for your 2600 presentation... is that publicly available? Or to see "last months'
20:06:44@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [bleullama] last month's links, etc...
20:09:04@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] Yeah one sec
20:09:33@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] https://github.com/antitree/link2ppt
20:10:06@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [antitree] This is actually an old version. I've moved to a private repo if you're interested I can take all it
20:11:41@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] * tar ball it
20:23:18@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[bleullama] sweet. do you have previous presentations/link lists archived too?
21:04:15@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack [antitree] For the monthly links? Yeah. There's a git repo that tracks it all
21:04:41@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] The presentations are on the main site
21:04:52@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[antitree] (most of them. Not the one you saw)
21:09:30@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack[bleullama] coolio
19 Feb 2020
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