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15 Dec 2018
16:52:34@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slackRejoice, for someone is at the space!
17:01:40@freenode_ghpt:matrix.orgghptLinux workshop is on.
20:25:53@freenode_SpySentryThingy:matrix.org@freenode_SpySentryThingy:matrix.org joined the room.
20:36:53@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhoSpySentryThingy: hello
20:37:00@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzho why don't you say anything?
20:38:33@freenode_SpySentryThingy:matrix.org@freenode_SpySentryThingy:matrix.org left the room.
20:41:21@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhoJRWR: does SpySentryThingy not love us any more?
20:51:32@freenode_JRWR:matrix.orgJRWRAww, I was in a secret santa, and they bought me PoC||GTFO
21:14:56@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhowhat is that
21:15:29@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhooh, a book!
21:26:49@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slackThe last hacker just left, and the space is quiet.
16 Dec 2018
05:04:45@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack left the room.
05:04:56@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack joined the room.
17 Dec 2018
05:01:59@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack left the room.
05:02:11@freenode_irc|slack:matrix.orgirc|slack joined the room.
05:04:44@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa "beyond economical repair" / "total loss" = shitty thing to be thinking about
05:05:58@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa apparently the fender bender was "actually worse than it seemed" ---> insurance adjuster (geico) already came up with a settlement amount and is insisting (on very short notice) that we need to provide details for how they'll be pay out the claim O_O
05:06:38@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa the reason I mention - I just realized I don't know anyone in NY with a car who knows how to research registration / tax on a new car (it's gonna be used because I don't wish to finance right now & probably can't due to my credit being rubbish)
05:07:11@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa NY registration / tax - any "obvious suggestions" which I can't figure out well enough to ask a search engine?
05:08:51@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa I literally found out in the worst way possible - geico called the rental car place and told them the rental wouldn't be covered any more, who then told me (via voicemail) and geico didn't even bother to contact me about their decision (declaring vehicle totaled) - kinda stressed and did a shit job wit hthat question(s)
05:09:26@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa no obligation to suggest anything, but please feel free to suggest "obvious stuff" because for some reason I'm having a rough time and it doesn't feel obvious and I'm stuck O_O
05:09:53@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa(again: taxes / registration for a replacement vehicle - trying to put a dollar amount on that so I can figure out how much of the settlement can be spent safely on the car itself)
05:12:01@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa rambling further (nerves kinda shot - sry) won't help
05:13:03@freenode_kuzetsa:matrix.orgkuzetsa I'm gonna detach terminal until I my hands stop shaking :/
12:21:24@freenode_JRWR:matrix.orgJRWR I know they are blood suckers, but, a lawyer doesn't sound like a bad idea in this case

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