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9 May 2023
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10 May 2023
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11 May 2023
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12 May 2023
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13 May 2023
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15 May 2023
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16 May 2023
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19 May 2023
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20 May 2023
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22 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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24 May 2023
@francm:matrix.orgMtwMy server has the "mlx5e_rep" links created. I can see these when I do "ip link" command. How can I create an "mlx5e_rep" link in Ubuntu ?05:38:32
@ne1:matrix.root.domainsDavidIs the Ubuntu machine not your server? These seem to be specific to the Mellanox ConnectX-5, is that what your Ubuntu machine has?13:04:36
26 May 2023
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27 May 2023
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