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10 Nov 2023
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12 Nov 2023
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13 Nov 2023
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14 Nov 2023
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17 Nov 2023
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18 Nov 2023
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20 Nov 2023
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21 Nov 2023
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22 Nov 2023
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24 Nov 2023
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26 Nov 2023
@serpic0:matrix.orgSERP!COjust for confirmation, if I have a switch that has 2.5Gb ports and all my network cards on devices are at least 2.5Gb, I must use Cat 7 or 8 cables only to reach max theoretical speed because Cat 5e and 6 max out at 1 Gbps, correct?01:01:30
@ne1:matrix.root.domainsDavidI think it somewhat depends on the length, but I'd expect cat5 to do 2.5G (and maybe 10G) if it isn't too long01:10:33
@serpic0:matrix.orgSERP!COthe longest distance would be around 30 meters01:24:54
In reply to @serpic0:matrix.org
the longest distance would be around 30 meters
Here they are talking about Cat5e 10GB for 45m. Quality of cable can vary, and kinking and a noisy environment can easily reduce that. If you have Cat5e already installed, or have it to install, try it before ordering Cat6.
27 Nov 2023
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29 Nov 2023
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30 Nov 2023
@rapidmustang:matrix.orgrapidmustang SERP!CO: 2.5Gbe was designed with CAT5e in mind as a ton of offices and other buildings are wired with that. 2.5Gbe will work on CAT5e and up. :) CAT6 will do 10Gbe up to about 100 ft (39m). I use CAT6 for 10Gbe at my house for shorter runs of about 50ft (20-ish meters). I've seen people use CAT5e for 10Gbe over very short distances a few meters or so. 04:17:50
1 Dec 2023
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