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6 Feb 2021
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliSam, here you go....14:00:16
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliust run the file in the routine directory like:14:00:36
@slalli:fosdem.orgslallinode mConverter.js14:00:42
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliI'll make a coffee, will be off for 2 mins14:02:18
@slalli:fosdem.orgslallibhaskar, I am going to quit in 2 minutes, can you take over with the presentation ?14:07:01
@ksbhaskar:matrix.orgksbhaskarSure, I'm here till the end. But I can't demo jsonHIVES!14:07:31
@slalli:fosdem.orgslallithat was unplanned :-)14:08:44
@ksbhaskar:matrix.orgksbhaskar:-) Thanks!14:10:52
@vzeroun:matrix.org@vzeroun:matrix.org joined the room.14:46:51
@ksbhaskar:matrix.orgksbhaskarHI @vzeroun! Welcome14:47:14
@ksbhaskar:matrix.orgksbhaskarIt has been quiet so far, so you have our undivided attention! What is your interest in YottaDB and/or databases?14:48:10
@ksbhaskar:matrix.orgksbhaskarWe have video chat going, if you care to join us there.14:48:28
@ksbhaskar:matrix.orgksbhaskarIt is the LIvestream / Q&A which should be in the upper right.14:50:16
@vzeroun:matrix.org@vzeroun:matrix.org left the room.19:13:16
@bot:fosdem.orgFOSDEMchanged room power levels.19:29:55
7 Feb 2021
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliGood morning, everyone... Feel free to ask questions....07:54:31
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalli * Good morning, everyone... Feel free to ask questions....08:21:02
@robtweed:matrix.orgrobtweedHi Stef10:18:20
@slalli:fosdem.orgslallihi rob10:18:33
@slalli:fosdem.orgslallireally nothing happening...10:18:46
@robtweed:matrix.orgrobtweedAnything been happening? Looks like it's been quiet10:18:52
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliso, did you get snow ?10:19:04
@robtweed:matrix.orgrobtweedWell it's snowing here and very wintery-looking, but it's not lying on the ground....yet anyway! :-) How about there?10:19:44
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliwoke up with 5 inches snow !!! Street is full of children playing....10:20:10
@slalli:fosdem.orgslalliand it is still snowing...10:20:20
@slalli:fosdem.orgslallireally nice... Looking forward to take a walk....10:20:31
@robtweed:matrix.orgrobtweedWow - yes the kids all love it, which is great10:20:33
@robtweed:matrix.orgrobtweedjust bleak and miserable here lol10:20:49

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