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10 Jan 2020
20:31:07@sthaydn:chat.hallertau.socialst.haydn changed their profile picture.
11 Jan 2020
04:15:02@porkyhorse:matrix.orgporkyhorse joined the room.
04:16:25@porkyhorse:matrix.orgporkyhorseQuestion: Does the trending hashtag data federate across instances?
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12 Jan 2020
02:11:59@gaz:carbons.ccGaz joined the room.
In reply to @mirsch:chemnitz.social
hi, is there a tool/site which makes it possible to search for a hashtag on multiple instances at once?
maybe https://search.social/ ?
13 Jan 2020
03:10:01@koyu:matrix.koyu.spaceLeonie changed their profile picture.
03:12:42@koyu:matrix.koyu.spaceLeonie changed their profile picture.

maybe https://search.social/ ?

It seems not to index the instances I'm looking for. Can't find any info how this works and which instances are indexed. What I am looking for is a tool with which I can search my selected servers

14 Jan 2020
02:38:04@mystix:matrix.orgmystix joined the room.
23:32:45@akash:kde.orgAkash changed their display name from Akash to register Akash.
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16 Jan 2020
07:59:38@hanzibar:matrix.orghanzibar joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
09:43:48@frony0:matrix.orgxa0 joined the room.
In reply to@porkyhorse:matrix.org
Question: Does the trending hashtag data federate across instances?
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19:17:52@joo__:matrix.orgNOT MAIN ACC - @jo:catgirl.party joined the room.
18 Jan 2020
13:59:33@david:fediverso.netDavid Prieto changed their profile picture.
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19 Jan 2020
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