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28 Jun 2020
@guysoft:matrix.orgguysoftHey all, can I ask a noob mastodon question here?22:27:09
@guysoft:matrix.orgguysoft set a profile picture.22:28:01
@brad:koehn.comBrad KoehnPretty sure you just did. 🤪23:35:22
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29 Jun 2020
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I've seen, "don't ask to ask" as a rule. Just go for it.01:01:25
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138 joined the room.02:20:35
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@grin:grin.hugrinCan I ask a question about asking a question about asking questions?17:10:21
* @grin:grin.hugrin is risking a stack overflow17:10:31
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@newalexandria:chat.weho.stnewalexandria set a profile picture.19:56:52
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30 Jun 2020
@jens:riotchat.dejens joined the room.21:16:31
@gabriel:libresolutions.networkGabrielWhat brought you all to the fediverse?21:34:17
@zeratax:dmnd.shzeratax changed their display name from ZerataX to zeratax.23:11:13
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1 Jul 2020
@leon:halogen.cityleon joined the room.07:14:36
@joaopinheiro:matrix.orgjoaopinheiroSeveral facts, including the fact that I don't want to go on supporting someone who steals my data and makes business with it without caring for my rights, my privacy and my security and of my friends'.10:32:18
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)What? You want to get away from evil corporations? Geesh, that's just silly... 13:47:57
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2 Jul 2020
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@baschi.29:matrix.orgbaschi29 changed their display name from baschi.29 to baschi29.09:03:11
@baschi.29:matrix.orgbaschi29I think it's a overall great idea. 12:57:09
@kingpin_reborn:matrix.orgkingpin_rebornI'm done with the normal social networks. time to get weird16:05:57
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comlokeMastodon is pretty normal to me. 16:17:24

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