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2 Sep 2019
06:13:15@predicativa:predicativa.nohost.meSpathoche joined the room.
06:55:11@l00ptr:clavardage.piweb.beJulian changed their display name from l00ptr to Julian.
3 Sep 2019
13:15:38@predicativa:predicativa.nohost.meSpathoche left the room.
2 Sep 2019
19:25:35@mrx:disroot.orgmrx joined the room.
3 Sep 2019
15:12:30@predicativa:predicativa.nohost.meSpathoche joined the room.
19:22:51@helpmyself:halogen.cityhElp momey joined the room.
5 Sep 2019
18:55:55@serra:lost-angles.imserra-allgood joined the room.
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6 Sep 2019
07:17:38@helpmyself:halogen.cityhElp momey changed their profile picture.
8 Sep 2019
02:10:32@jolek:matrix.org@jolek78 changed their display name from @jolek to @jolek78:matrix.org.
9 Sep 2019
11:21:46@predicativa:predicativa.nohost.meSpathoche left the room.
8 Sep 2019
02:24:38@jolek:matrix.org@jolek78 changed their display name from @jolek78:matrix.org to @jolek78.
9 Sep 2019
00:19:39@tekoha:matrix.org@tekoha:matrix.org joined the room.
10 Sep 2019
00:55:59@mateusrodcosta:chat.weho.stMateusRodCosta changed their profile picture.
07:16:20@alpha3031:matrix.orgAlpha3031Redacted or Malformed Event
12 Sep 2019
03:40:46@mister.monster:matrix.orgmister.monster joined the room.
14 Sep 2019
03:22:29@tekoha:matrix.org@tekoha:matrix.org left the room.
15 Sep 2019
04:35:07@justin:bandersnatch.xyzJustin joined the room.
22:23:09@lxnbs:kiez.xyzAlex joined the room.
16 Sep 2019
13:11:31@lxnbs:kiez.xyzAlex set a profile picture.
13:11:37@lxnbs:kiez.xyzAlex changed their display name from lxnbs to Alex.
19:58:09@hnsnsn:disroot.org@hnsnsn:disroot.org joined the room.
20:08:44@hnsnsn:disroot.org@hnsnsn:disroot.orgis there a reason why sites like mastodon and pixelfed make it hard or impossible to see content on the site without having an account?
20:09:13@hnsnsn:disroot.org@hnsnsn:disroot.orgi just signed up for pixelfed on a small node, but it looks like i can't even view posts on any other pixelfed node. what's the point?
20:10:04@hnsnsn:disroot.org@hnsnsn:disroot.orgat leas its possible on mastodon, but the link is fairly well-hidden. is there a technical reason for this or is it just a UX oversight? seems like a great way to scare off potential users
20:10:42@hnsnsn:disroot.org@hnsnsn:disroot.org"nobody uses it" is a powerful enough deterrent, now you have "nobody uses it and i cant be bothered to make an account right now" or "how do i know this node is right for me if i can't see the content"
20:13:40@elenabecker:bashroom.deAlinaPeople don't always want to be visible
20:13:52@elenabecker:bashroom.deAlinaThey prefer to be a private community
20:41:05@hnsnsn:disroot.org@hnsnsn:disroot.org Alina: that's fair, of course. should definitely be something that the instance runner can decide. but to have the "go-to" https://pixelfed.social be locked down to outsiders is weird to me. and clearly on https://mastodon.social they allow it, they just make the button not-obvious

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