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11 Feb 2019
08:58:56@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebiteLike freaking out about a site I am on is bad.
09:01:07@cobalt:chat.weho.stcobalt If you want to veer into a conversation about how conversations about your whiteness should be handled you'll probably find more ppl willing to have it in one of the rooms where ppl expect to have to give an intro to sociology

bc I assure you that there are POC on the Fediverse too, and it is typically better for their social anxiety not to have to be slapped in the face with racism denialism in every single space a white person might find our way into

so we have rooms where ppl can know ahead of time to brace for impact

09:04:26@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebite I know but I am just saying I don't like outrage culture.
09:07:03@cobalt:chat.weho.stcobalt I've explained it. You can do this one thing for the OTHER people who are just as capable of having anxiety as you are or you can choose to keep doing it here
09:07:07@cobalt:chat.weho.stcobalt I'm not encouraging this
09:07:48@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebiteLike most of us on shitposter.club are not really bad people. Sure racism happens but not like it use to be like I seen video on YouTube like voting is racist because white people made it. Sorry... I am being civil.
09:08:28@icaria36:matrix.orgicaria36 icethebite: Time and attention are very expensive these days. This is a room dedicated to Mastodon & Fediverse. You want feedback about topics that are way beyond that. There are other places in the Internet focusing on discussing exactly the topics you want to discuss. Can you please respect our time and attention span, and continue your conversation in a place where other people are willing to engage with it?
09:10:38@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebiteSorry I am just being myself. Like I been on fedi when it was gnusocial.
09:12:13@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebiteAll I can say take it easy.
09:15:19@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebiteLike life is short?
09:18:31@cobalt:chat.weho.stcobalt Does muting not work in Riot mobile? Let's try this again.
09:19:01@cobalt:chat.weho.stcobalt THERE WE GO
09:19:28@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebiteWhy mute me?
14:31:23@nouts:matrix.taboulisme.comnoutsAny Peertube users here ? Where can I find the video format supported on upload ? Apparently wmv is not...

From the upload page:


14:36:25@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoaUse ffmpeg to convert.
14:39:11@nouts:matrix.taboulisme.comnoutsThanks ! I need this for some of my users...
17:47:01@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebitei like plemora
17:59:30@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebitebecause i am a boomer
12 Feb 2019

Hi guys. Where do I put the mail settings?

SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS=Domain.com Mastodon Admin <notifications@domain.com>
10:50:15@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiin live/config/settings.yaml?
13 Feb 2019
09:51:16@webmind:chat.weho.stwebmindFor what?
10:46:38@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiFor the server being able to send emails (password recovery as well as email-verification). I fugured out where to put it tho.
10:47:44@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiYet it's not working yet.
11:25:54@icaria36:matrix.orgicaria36What installation process are you following? Have you done the steps starting here? https://docs.joinmastodon.org/administration/installation/#generating-a-configuration (or the previous ones)
In reply to @icaria36:matrix.org
What installation process are you following? Have you done the steps starting here? https://docs.joinmastodon.org/administration/installation/#generating-a-configuration (or the previous ones)

Yes, instance up and running. I added


to .env.production. I also tried with real login credentials.. how can send testmals or checking what the issue is?

14 Feb 2019
13:40:17@icaria36:matrix.orgicaria36 Tobi: At the end of this doc you have instructions to test your email configuration: https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Running-Mastodon/Production-guide.md
15 Feb 2019
20:52:35@icethebite:matrix.orgicethebite changed their profile picture.
16 Feb 2019
06:28:39@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural changed their profile picture.

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