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15 May 2022
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: imo Xaudio2 is the good modern way to do things 16:52:41
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: it has lower latency than directsound 16:52:51
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes I hadn't looked at Xaudio2 yet 16:53:08
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes According to microsoft:

The Windows Runtime audio graph APIs:

Are significantly easier to use than XAudio2.
Can be used from C# in addition to being supported for C++.
Can use audio files, including compressed file formats, directly. XAudio2 only operates on audio buffers and does not provide any file I/O capabilities.
Can use the low-latency audio pipeline in Windows 10.
Support automatic endpoint switching when default endpoint parameters are used. For example, if the user switches from a device's speaker to a headset, the audio is automatically redirected to the new input.
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes For me native binding for C# is pretty big quality of live 16:53:44
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes I didn't mind wrapping XInput but I didn't look forward to wrapping sound libraries for some reason I don't remember 16:54:18
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: if you support a windows 10-only API atleast use it in such a way that if you're not on win10, it can still run and just not use it 16:55:07
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes I think you can use it on 8.1 as well 16:55:28
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: i think one should support win7 because win7 has a certain user base 16:55:44
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: so just gracefully not use that API 16:55:49
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes I like the idea but I have a grand total of 1 user so far 16:56:04
@_discord_127896947716653056:t2bot.ioJannes I don't think all that many of the tools I use have any long term support for older releases of Windows 17:02:30
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: bgb supports all the way back to windows 95 :) 17:09:46
16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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18 May 2022
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