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31 Jul 2021
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: lol 17:22:12
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 I just hope beware isn't reading this 17:22:14
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 wait... 17:22:20
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 (jk btw I love bgb) 17:22:25
@_discord_727268976303931544:t2bot.iogb-bridge2#4180 beware: :) 17:22:29
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 The worst emulator is “Geebly” 17:23:42
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 true 17:23:49
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 17:23:53
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 At least it’s not a Very Bad Amulator 17:24:09
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 I just hope Lycoder isn't reading this 17:24:18
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 wait.. 17:24:21
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 UltraHLE targeted a current-gen console, and no$gmb, no$gba, and VisualBoyAdvance targeted a current-gen handheld 17:25:29
@_discord_517426255218475008:t2bot.ioDaid#5758 really? My bad then, didn't know that. I found out about all of those when there was already a newer gen out (well, maybe not for no$gmb, but the gameboy had a long life) 18:08:12
@_discord_124703920462233600:t2bot.iocalc84maniac#7184 Dolphin stands out because it also remains the highest quality emulator for that console 18:14:00
@_discord_174324250881032201:t2bot.ioFL4SHK#1847 Yeah 18:15:27
@_discord_317029794598486018:t2bot.ioCasualPokePlayer#8731 what's the alternatives? 18:15:30
@_discord_124703920462233600:t2bot.iocalc84maniac#7184 there's a dead one called Gekko and a formerly dead one that's apparently now active again called Dolwin 18:21:13
@_discord_176067765214511104:t2bot.ioorganharvester#1633 maybe ill have to try and finally port my emulator 22:10:50
@_discord_257618202014515211:t2bot.ioRafagars joined the room.23:40:28
1 Aug 2021
@_discord_353364996769579019:t2bot.ioLycoder#8480 to what 00:00:42
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 To Android, I presume, based on ISSOtm's sharing of the Tweet by pgandlabs 00:02:55
@_discord_115598075573174281:t2bot.iowermi joined the room.06:08:32
@_discord_176067765214511104:t2bot.ioorganharvester#1633 Yes 09:38:10
@_discord_352088564013596673:t2bot.ioLIJI#7029 Who needs releasing tested builds when you can just release another version 2 days later 🦆 13:51:51
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 Or call the first up to four versions "release candidate" 13:53:21
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 Once you get to RC5, on the other hand, your computer starts brute-force cracking a password for the distributed.net project. 13:54:04
@_discord_352088564013596673:t2bot.ioLIJI#7029 The change only affected Cocoa though, and 0.14.4 an updater, so it shouldn't be terrible 13:56:42
@_discord_352088564013596673:t2bot.ioLIJI#7029 * The change only affected Cocoa though, and 0.14.4 introduced an updater, so it shouldn't be terrible 13:56:50
@_discord_197831071490899968:t2bot.ioKabcorp joined the room.13:58:13
2 Aug 2021
@_discord_388541168490643456:t2bot.ioNilin joined the room.03:32:22

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