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6 Dec 2018
11:11:21@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) neewy via rocketchat
latest and develop images already have build iroha binary in them
11:11:48@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) neewy via rocketchat
so you don't need to spend your time unless you want to modify the code and then deploy a network
7 Dec 2018
09:39:05@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) bagf via rocketchat
@neewy Hello, Rory here from Cape Town, interested in using Iroha to provide single source of truth for our wallet system. Still under development, I'm interested in getting a demo setup working in our Kubernetes environment, hence my pull request :D
09:39:23@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) bagf via rocketchat
Sorry for the late reply, didn't get a chance yesterday
8 Dec 2018
13:32:28@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) e parand via telegram
Has anyone known about CHFA exam?
How to find its resources?
13:52:24@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter)

Sara via telegram
Hi! I think here you can find some info about it: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/press-release/2018/09/new-hyperledger-training-course-and-certification-exams-expand-accessibility-of-enterprise-blockchain-education/
It also seems that there are some courses like this one: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/training/hyperledger-fabric-fundamentals-lfd271/

Though we are Iroha guys and lasses here and you could probably check this out with fabric people in RocketChat: https://chat.hyperledger.org 🙂

13:56:51@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) e parand via telegram
9 Dec 2018
06:52:42@Olivier.Nyssen:matrix.org@Olivier.Nyssen:matrix.org left the room.
10 Dec 2018
11:03:07@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) skaree via rocketchat
11:04:16@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) skaree via rocketchat
we have many mobile nodes in the iroha network right...so how each node can store the block data? how these mobile nodes(smart gadgets,smart phones)can handle this much of data
12:23:41@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) SaraG via rocketchat
@skaree Hello! Mobile devices are generally considered as client side for Iroha network. We've had that question on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47900826/hyperledger-on-ios-android-mobile-devices
Can you check it please? Then we can discuss it - we are preparing for release candidate and libraries is one of the points we would really like to discuss with the community
11 Dec 2018
07:30:50@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
Hello guy’s I’m iOS developer at Ibm an I have a meetup wich purpose is presenting Iroha on iOS. The example app is not working for me. The account creation is not working, I have an Swift GRpC error 0. Is their a quick fix to overcome this error ?
07:56:38@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Kamil' Salakhiev via telegram
Hi! Are you talking about https://github.com/hyperledger/iroha-ios ? I think this example is not compatible with the latest version of Iroha. You can try to run this example with older versions of Iroha
07:58:12@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
Ha ok, I try this
08:01:44@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Hi! We are going to have a call meeting soon on mobile libraries for Iroha - really want to discuss that with people using them. If you're interested, I'll send you a link to it when we set up a date/time
13:06:00@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
Yeah please, I really need to have something that work on iOS before the 13 december 😅.
13:07:11@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Oh, I’m afraid that’s one of the more… remote plans 🙁 Let me see if I can find someone to help you.
13:11:07@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
kamil just told me to try the example ios app with not the lastest version of Iroha. I try this and give you a feedback
13:11:46@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
15:17:56@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
15:18:44@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
So I tried with a master and I have a stateful_invalid transaction
15:19:42@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
It’s quiet better because with develop I couldn’t interact with iroha with the Grpc error. Now it happen, but badly
17:48:29@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) B V via telegram
Some problems with timestamp. You passed 0
17:49:26@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) B V via telegram
Either proto definition for timestamp changed or you don't pass timestamp explicitly
12 Dec 2018
06:55:57@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Hello! One of our maintainers fixed the library to work with develop branch. Here: https://bitbucket.org/Emkil/swiftyiroha/
06:56:35@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
07:58:11@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
Ok I tried the fork and everything work fine for me
07:58:51@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
I create an account the query to see informations for that account are visible in the console
07:59:01@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Boyer Romain via telegram
But I still have a warning in the iroha console - storageImpl prepared blocks are not enabled
14:17:43@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Looks odd. Are you sure everything is OK with the Postgres database?
Could you please copy the logs?

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