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11 Sep 2019
06:34:55@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Tevin Sopha via telegram
why do you need transactoin hash?
08:02:24@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) vivek vishwakarma via telegram

@mboldyrev How can i create a new role from iroha-cli with admin@test account?
09:46:21@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) SaraG via rocketchat
Hello everyone! Please join us for today's community meeting in 15 minutes! https://zoom.us/my/hyperledger.community.3
10:43:30@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Spiros M via telegram
Hi all! Is it possible to use Iroha using Flutter?
10:53:04@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Ruslan Rezin via telegram
Hi! Not yet for now. But there are SDK for iOS and Java if your interested in integration of mobile applications.
10:57:14@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Spiros M via telegram
Thank you very much, is there any other cross-platform development environment that i can use for both android and ios?
10:57:37@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Spiros M via telegram
sorry i meant i can use Iroha
11:00:17@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) B V via telegram
you can write your own iroha sdk for flutter
11:00:23@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) B V via telegram
or use react native with js library
11:01:14@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Spiros M via telegram
thank you very much!
23:23:02@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) sudomann (Will) Willy Njundong via telegram
My team currently has a react native app, and I'm currious whether its better to use the js sdk, or write my own api for my backend which is python. Any insight you can give on this?
23:23:50@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) sudomann (Will) Willy Njundong via telegram
One particular feature I am indecisive about how to implement is subscribing to block/transaction status streams
23:28:06@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) sudomann (Will) Willy Njundong via telegram
Also, is there any body else using Iroha with Kubernetes?
12 Sep 2019
01:55:13@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
I think it all boils down to how complex is your business logic and security.
05:46:46@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) B V via telegram
Iroha sdk is just a wrapper around grpc. You could implement one function, that signs raw protobuf and use only protobuffs. Or write a wrapper to limit protobuf usage in your code
09:32:50@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) vivek vishwakarma via telegram

@mboldyrevHI, how can i grant permission over account using cli, i have tried but it is giving me error. Attached screen shot.
12:55:23@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sri Santhi via telegram
Hi, Can someone let me know how to update the latest version of Iroha? Am using Oracle VM VirtualBox, OS: Ubuntu (64 bit)
13 Sep 2019
13:15:39@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter)

🔊 SPb Blockchain forwarded from SPb BlockChain Community via telegram
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14 Sep 2019
20:23:14@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter)

Miller Adulu via telegram

I am using Iroha for a degree project but I am having trouble getting sth to work.

With the default admin@test account, I can create accounts, however, I am unable to use the same account to append roles via the iroha-cli. This account doesn't have the append_role permission. How can I work around it?

23:10:15@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
Add the permissions you need for the admin role in the Genesis block
15 Sep 2019
02:38:02@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Miller Adulu via telegram
Thank you.
08:47:48@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
Hi, what's the best way to implement transfer acknowledgment. In other short, I need the intended recipient to sign off before the transfer can be completed.
08:49:56@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
I looked at the batch example, which uses a 2 way exchange. I need to implement just one way. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks
14:01:44@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Miller Adulu via telegram
Can the transfer be made then flagged with a default false boolean. Then the other user revives the request to approve to change that boolean to true to make it valid?
16 Sep 2019
00:55:06@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
Actually it's not ideal
09:55:34@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Chivon Chhai via telegram
Hello Iroha community
09:58:04@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Chivon Chhai via telegram

i got some error
10:13:45@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) B V via telegram
click "maven" tab
18 Sep 2019
03:13:56@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Chivon Chhai via telegram
It's still happen the same
03:13:57@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Chivon Chhai via telegram

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