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15 Nov 2019
08:03:51@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Igor Egorov via telegram
let me jump in - not in configs, but in command line launch parameters
08:04:59@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Igor Egorov via telegram
let me jump in - not in configs, but in command line launch parameters
08:06:09@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Igor Egorov via telegram
let me jump in - not in configs, but in command line launch parameters
08:07:10@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Javier, Igor's one of the maintainers 👆🏻
08:23:25@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Javier Ochoa via telegram
So what would you like me to look at exactly? 🤔
08:25:32@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Igor Egorov via telegram
peer address(port) and its public key in --genesis_block should match its host address and port in --config and public key should match --keypair_name .pub file
09:38:03@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) dhompanera via rocketchat
12:04:07@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) sshKashyap via rocketchat
Hey folks, how stable is Iroha compared to Fabric ?
12:06:42@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) SaraG via rocketchat
Hi! Iroha is production ready as well as Fabric, if that is what you mean :)
12:17:12@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) sshKashyap via rocketchat
apart from a couple of wallets and a few applications, which I agree are very solid af, I'd like to see if this product can solve my business and I want this to be around for quite sometime, I had a bad experience with composer(HLF), so excuse the skepticism
12:32:26@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
It all depends on what's your definition of stable. Stable as in it won't crash after an hour. Or slow down after drastically after 1000 transactions. Or you don't have to rewrite your code or rebuild the whole chain when the platform version changes ?
12:34:07@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
Or whether development and support still exist in another 3 years?
12:37:07@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
Have you looked at enterprise grade DLT platforms like Corda or Quorum?
13:05:00@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Makoto Takemiya 武宮誠 (Sora.org - Soramitsu) via telegram
We tested on an endurance network with more than 1.5 billion transactions and the network is still running afaik
13:06:06@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) sshKashyap via rocketchat
Alright thanks, Stable as in doesnt crash or have any drastic change everyday, how futuristic is the solution. Can this be a part of an enterprise grade solution, coz I dont see why not, it feels it helps enterprises quite a lot too, especially with the RBAC
15:18:31@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Cristiano Cavo via telegram
Hi to all, I am fresh graduated student in Turin. I am doing a little research for personal purpose about blockchain technology. I am looking for real uses cases of Iroha. (I am compiling a comparison table). Can someone help me by citing some company that uses Iroha? No need to know what he is doing, but it is enough to know that he is using it.
15:20:09@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Cristiano Cavo via telegram

This table is only a draft and I know that the key-features column requires some adjustements
15:26:44@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Leo via telegram
Look at the soramitsu website and the bootcamp PDF https://wiki.hyperledger.org/download/attachments/6423987/HL-HK-Bootcamp-Iroha-basic-slides.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1551945944000&api=v2
15:35:32@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Iroha is a universal blockchain, in Soramitsu we used it already for identity management, digital asset management and tokenisation. There are also others that are shared on HL website: https://www.hyperledger.org/resources/blockchain-showcase?profile=biocrypt-technologies-inc and https://www.hyperledger.org/resources/blockchain-showcase?profile=ikioo-technologies-inc - these project do something different.
15:40:18@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Makoto Takemiya 武宮誠 (Sora.org - Soramitsu) via telegram
15:51:01@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Cristiano Cavo via telegram
This is a very useful resource, thank you!
15:53:16@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Cristiano Cavo via telegram
This is the coin-shot! Exactly what I need. I don't know how I didn't see it before, yet it's been days on the Hyperledger website. Thank you too.
15:54:54@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Cristiano Cavo via telegram
Another useful help, thanks 👌
16 Nov 2019
14:13:33@gitter_hari-mohan-choudhary:matrix.orgHari Mohan choudhary (Gitter) joined the room.
14:13:34@gitter_hari-mohan-choudhary:matrix.orgHari Mohan choudhary (Gitter) I am trying to use iroha-helpers. I am facing this issue
TypeError: payloadQuery[capitalizedKeyName] is not a function
at Object.addQuery (/Users/hkxicor/GateHash/Blockchain/nodejs/node_modules/iroha-helpers/lib/queryHelper.js:74:39)
at Object.getAccountDetail (/Users/hkxicor/GateHash/Blockchain/nodejs/node_modules/iroha-helpers/lib/queries/index.js:312:58)
at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/hkxicor/GateHash/Blockchain/nodejs/src/index.js:46:11)
at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:776:30)
at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:787:10)
at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:653:32)
at tryModuleLoad (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:593:12)
at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:585:3)
at Function.Module.runMain (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:829:12)
at startup (internal/bootstrap/node.js:283:19)
How I can resolve?
16:45:29@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Eduard Ivanov forwarded from HyperledgerNetworkMonitorBot via telegram
17:14:40@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Hi! I was told that downgrade to 0.6.4 version helps, please try it
17:14:55@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sara via telegram
Hello! Where does that come from?
17 Nov 2019
06:05:15@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Hari Choudhary via telegram
I resolved issue... Thank you @liralemur
23:14:36@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Hari Choudhary via telegram
Hi We have one use case. suppose Alice transfer assets to Bob where we are taking some transition fee. Is it possible split payment in Iroha? If possible then How I can do?

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