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2 Apr 2020
14:26:30@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter) There are more steps to follow? Because, even though they've now connected, the new node doesn't have access to the data from the old one and, in the old one, the new transactions remain in the state "Transaction has collected all signatures."
14:27:57@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter)

Mikhail Boldyrev via telegram

the new node doesn't have access to the data from the old one
this means they did not synchronize, so maybe something gone wrong

14:34:05@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)
14:34:42@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)Right. RPC connect failed
14:56:14@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter) It's problem of PostgresDB, I think
16:45:07@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)This is log of original node:
16:45:12@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)
16:45:54@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)And this is log of second node:
16:45:59@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)
16:46:47@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter) If you know the error in advance, thank you. If not, it doesn't occur to me that it may be the cause already
20:41:04@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)Now, this change. This is node 2:
20:41:10@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)
20:41:41@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)And this node 1:
20:41:49@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)
20:42:06@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter)(That repeat this 3 lines after add a asset)
20:42:27@gitter_frojomar:matrix.orgJavier Rojo (Gitter) (edited) ... lines after ... => ... lines without stopping after ...
3 Apr 2020
04:49:35@gitter_maharjansajan_twitter:matrix.orgSajan Maharjan (Gitter)
04:52:12@gitter_maharjansajan_twitter:matrix.orgSajan Maharjan (Gitter)

I want to reset my initial block configuration for this, i run

irohad --config config.docker --genesis_block genesis.block --overwrite_ledger --keypair_name node0

but as shown in the above message, existing block store are rather restored! how can i get over this? should i define my block store to be rather stored at a different place than /tmp/block_store/ ??


05:01:00@gitter_maharjansajan_twitter:matrix.orgSajan Maharjan (Gitter)
05:02:03@gitter_maharjansajan_twitter:matrix.orgSajan Maharjan (Gitter)the above message shows that executing the above command gives me an error saying it failed to parse the genesis block
09:01:12@gitter_maharjansajan_twitter:matrix.orgSajan Maharjan (Gitter)any help here?
12:30:59@gitter_etienereum:matrix.orgEtienne (Gitter) left the room.
15:41:38@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Mikhail Boldyrev via telegram
Sajan, obviously, as the message suggests, there is some problem with genesis block. check that it is there, is readable and if you did some changes check the syntax.
15:43:36@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Mikhail Boldyrev via telegram
this is inconsistent. please check that iroha indeed was started the way you show.
21:25:12@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sumaid via telegram
I am a newcomer to the Hyperledger community. Is there something I can contribute in HL Iroha?
21:44:15@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Mikhail Boldyrev via telegram
Hi! Generally we track issues in Jira: https://jira.hyperledger.org/browse/IR
also, we are participating in HL internship program, so if you are a student you can apply to one of 5 projects with Iroha.
If you get lost in our Jira (which is a mess...) we can help you find an interesing piece of work, just say what area are you interested in most and do you want an easy-breezy taskie or a moderate chunk.
Or you can just search the source for TODO tag.
21:54:37@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sumaid via telegram
Yes, I am a student and I am planning on applying for HL mentorship under Iroha project.
21:54:48@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sumaid via telegram
I will look for some TODO issue in Jira.
21:55:25@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Mikhail Boldyrev via telegram
TODO is in the source code on GitHub
21:57:17@gitter_sorabot:matrix.orgsorabot (Gitter) Sumaid via telegram
Oh I thought, you meant 'TO DO' status.

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