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29 Apr 2023
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2 May 2023
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3 May 2023
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7 May 2023
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18 May 2023
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20 May 2023
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5 Jun 2023
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@happytoast:matrix.org@happytoast:matrix.orgHey, ich hab einen Rasbperry Pi 4. Folgendes Setup hab ich mir überlegt und frag mich jetzt, ob das geht. 😅 LXC und nginx (reverse proxy) lxc-container running nextcloud lxc-container running matrix-docker lxc-container running teamspeak Schreibt gerne mal eure Meinung dazu. :)11:09:57
15 Jun 2023
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18 Jun 2023
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23 Jun 2023
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8 Jul 2023
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13 Jul 2023
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25 Jul 2023
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31 Jul 2023

I've got an esp32s3 board that I want to set up as a keyboard, but having trouble conifguring it as a kb device.

I've been going by the cdc-acm serial port example for setting up a CDC-ACM device, and adapted it to make a keyboard device, but I run into trouble: I create the peripheral, bus and class fine, but when I try to build the device, the pipe breaks, and my computer doesn't register a keyboard.

...The pipe breaking, I can understand: the USB peripheral is no longer available to the espflash monitoring. What's missing, though, is a usb-keyboard device, a my hard-coded keyboard reports (as if i'm holding the 'a' key 3-sec on, 3-sec off), or the device in the /dev directory... it's as if the device doesn't exist.

I've taken the HID descriptor from here: https://github.com/bschwind/key-ripper/blob/main/firmware/src/hid_descriptor.rs as well as this one: https://docs.rs/usbd-human-interface-device/0.4.3/src/usbd_human_interface_device/device/keyboard.rs.html#211-244

I'm not suro what I'm doing wrong, or how to troubleshoot at this point.

4 Aug 2023
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11 Aug 2023
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15 Aug 2023
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18 Aug 2023
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19 Aug 2023
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