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4 Mar 2018
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15:24:44@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareHi Tommi ! Sorry for the delay ! It's the cluster from my job. It's not a big one it has only 32 computing nodes. It's an IBM one with GPFS and LSF for workload management.
15:31:44@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgahright, because been looking to start selfhosting some basic services, especially matrix with bridges to different communication applications
15:57:09@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareWhere you would like to place it ? I suppose in your country. I see that now Matrix is on UpCloud in Uk. I personally like what Scaleway have done in rather short time (https://www.scaleway.com/).
16:19:39@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgmatrix is hosted decentralizedly in different self hosts, upcloud just provides easy option for hosting node
16:19:56@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orguuh that looks cool
16:21:04@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgprobably using ipfs, but might have also own protocol, not 100%
16:23:27@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orggetting juts constantly stopped with bugs that beat me :P now AntergOS package manager began to install all software in arabic, even lang options are just english and max finnish
5 Mar 2018
12:07:16@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareWe also have a Dell PowerEdge R430 which is Ok and more cost effective. A newer one is R830: http://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/servers-storage-and-networking/poweredge-r830-rack-server/spd/poweredge-r830/pe_r830_1190
12:27:42@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareI've read recently about Poweredge M820 in M1000e chassis which can support up tu 3Tb of memory, but seems to be already outdated being replaced by M830 and more expensive : http://www.dell.com/is/business/p/poweredge-m820/pd
12:31:26@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareon eBay I found this one :) : https://www.ebay.at/itm/DELL-PowerEdge-M1000e-Blade-Enclosure-0H352H-0H352H-USED-I359110/382282302772?hash=item5901cd0534:g:dKkAAOSwY3daXc0t&autorefresh=true
12:31:55@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgWell makes those servers I had to handle tickets for at Fujitsu look completely ancient. Where u got those? Could be actually better than upcloud I have currently on progress
12:44:47@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareI personally like now more ARM based servers, you could also try on Scaleway for only 2.99Eur/month.
12:50:39@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareA nice one is this one form Gigabyte: http://b2b.gigabyte.com/ARM-Server/H270-T70-rev-110#ov
13:11:37@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareAnd of course C1 of Scaleway: https://www.instagram.com/p/388cUInNZT/?taken-by=scaleway
13:39:44@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgHehe hitchhiking to romanian countryside now for couple days to get quality time with pc :) wanting to setup some cryptoprojects to start
13:41:00@cgfloare:matrix.orgcgfloareHave a nice trip 🙂
13:43:08@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.org Btw if somebody is wondering the best way how to get easily and safely in cryptocurrencies. I recommend getting card from https://revolut.com/r/tommijocf anf using service like http://valuutta.me to buy instantly ethereum to MetaMask wallet and use www.kucoin.fi as exchange if lazy or shapeshift in metamask or decentralized exchange like etherdelta, idex or cryptoradar. :)
13:44:07@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgRecommended to use anonyme account names to be safe from governmental suppression :)
13:45:06@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgAnd never keep all in one basket. Also there is hacksafe offline wallets like cryptosteel.com and ledger nano s
6 Mar 2018
07:36:39@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.org https://hackernoon.com/state-of-cryptocurrencies-scaling-173cebb600dd good article about state of scaling in distributed ledger technologies
10 Mar 2018
20:35:50@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyuA11PDDHE i recommend checking out ETHcc going on this weekend. freaking awesome stuff
14 Jun 2018
24 Aug 2018
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26 Aug 2018
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3 Nov 2018
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