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9 Nov 2019
03:57:54@prestonft:matrix.orgPrestonFT Its going well. A bit busy lately but I can't complain.
03:59:07@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22Glad to hear things are going well, and hopefully you get some time off when possible too.
04:08:06@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22I just changed the VPN from UK to USA, and, hey presto, downloads work! Thanks for suggesting. Bit concerning in the bigger picture, but thank goodness for VPN's. :-)
04:12:14@prestonft:matrix.orgPrestonFTGreat! Glad that worked for you. Yeah YouTube has been more ban happy lately and most Invidious instances get banned fairly often.
04:13:32@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22Thanks! And, yes, definitely they are. Many more VPN sales happening, I bet.
04:16:22@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22I'll head off for now. It's your weekend time, so have a good one. :-)
04:17:45@prestonft:matrix.orgPrestonFTSounds good. You as well.
04:17:57@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22Thanks! :-)
10 Nov 2019
16:29:03@prestonft:matrix.orgPrestonFT For those of you having issues with the latest Mac OS Catalina update, I've released a new .dmg build which should fix your problems. The download can be found on the website. A brief blog post about the issue can be found here
21:26:03@i-have-terminal-aids:matrix.orgI Have Terminal AIDSOk
22:16:10@daneros:matrix.orgdaneros joined the room.
14 Nov 2019
14:39:25@frankfurter:matrix.orgJacobAnyone heard of the new COPPA Youtube restrictions. Absolute bulllshizzz.
15:09:36@i-have-terminal-aids:matrix.orgI Have Terminal AIDSNo
15:21:51@frankfurter:matrix.orgJacobApparently all creators are going to have to mark their videos as "made for kids" or "not for kids" or risk getting a pass thru fine from the FTC.
15:22:16@frankfurter:matrix.orgJacobThis explains it pretty well: https://invidio.us/watch?v=Ywj-FcVNhec
17:22:46@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyNice Google doing Google things again
17:37:09@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakuwell no, it's the US doing US things
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
well no, it's the US doing US things
Well the FTC is just enforcing their policies. Google is the real bad guy here because they can't decide whether they are a platform or a publisher. In this case, they are acting as a platform where they have done nothing wrong and it's the fault of the creators. This could be devasting to new channels who goof up a setting.
18:41:52@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku Jacob: you can't expect Google to function as a publisher, since they don't have complete control over what is uploaded
18:42:20@frankfurter:matrix.orgJacobI am a firm believer in small government, but the law is the law for now. I think a huge company like Google has the resources to comply, but as always they don't give a shit about their creators and they are making it their responsibility.
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
Jacob: you can't expect Google to function as a publisher, since they don't have complete control over what is uploaded
But they constantly curate content and remove what they deem is not okay for their platform. They are a platform on paper, but act as a publisher when convenient.
18:45:33@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakuWhile I don't like Google in general, I don't think that Google is to blame for enforcing the new policies the way they are doing it now. But you are right, they are being very unclear about their position.
18 Nov 2019
05:51:14@durban:matrix.orghallucinate changed their display name from durban to hallucinate.
14 Nov 2019
18:46:30@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakuI also do think that they have the right to prohibit unwanted content on their platform as they like. It's just that their reasons for doing so are BS.
18 Nov 2019
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20 Nov 2019
14:36:05@blacksam:matrix.gibberfish.orgBrian ÓThe main invidious server is loading really slow for me, and most of the public instances on the list are down/dead.
14:36:09@blacksam:matrix.gibberfish.orgBrian Ó☹️
22:54:13@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rtry snopyta or switch to local mode
23:34:12@xavster2:matrix.orgxavster2it is in local mode and it's nearly unusable at the moment
23:51:14@prestonft:matrix.orgPrestonFT I'd definitely recommend trying a different instance. Just trying a few quickly seem to run just fine.

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