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19 Sep 2019
11:29:41@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22Hi cloudrac3r :-)
11:32:55@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI have Arch, Openbox, and Freetube as well. Which release are you trying to run?
11:32:59@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rThe AppImage should just work.
11:33:13@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rApparently there's an AUR package, but I have never used it.
11:33:25@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22Cool! I just installed the AUR version. Hadn't got round to wrestling with appimages yet, lol
11:33:28@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rThe AUR package is maintained by the community.
11:33:50@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rIf you download the AppImage file, mark it as executable, then open it, it should just work.
11:33:59@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22yes, normally works, and it is on the main pc, but I must have missed something on the laptop install. main pc is on arch kde at the moment though.
11:34:14@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22will try the appimage
11:34:21@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rDo you get any output when you run the AUR version from the terminal?
11:34:36@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3r I expect the command line is freetube
11:35:26@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22it's saying bash: freetube: command not found
11:35:36@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3r try FreeTube
11:35:45@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22just downloading the appimage now, and noticing the AUR is a higher version
11:36:04@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22eek, same output when FreeTube
11:36:21@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI guess I don't know what the command line is. How are you trying to launch the AUR version?
11:37:01@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22the appimage has run! without any appimage/launcher stuff installed, lol
11:38:03@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22Prefer appimages anyway. AUR version usually runs fine, but will stick to appimages.
11:38:41@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22either 'freetube' or 'FreeTube', run via terminal, didn't work, but the appimage just brought up the asking if 'execute' and it ran.
11:40:10@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22AUR version is 0.7.0-1 and appimage is 0.7.0
11:40:36@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rthat's the same version
11:40:49@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22oops, lol
11:41:17@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22great to have the appimages there. do you mostly use appimages for things?
11:41:47@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rnot usually, no, but the minecraft bedrock unofficial linux launcher only works with an appimage right now
11:42:02@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3raur broke for some reason, but appimage works, so I use that
11:42:05@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22I see :-)
11:43:06@linuxgirl22:matrix.orglinuxgirl22will head off now; thanks for help, and happy minecraft-ing :-)
11:44:26@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rthanks :)
In reply to @cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111
The AppImage should just work.
AppImage(s) require fuse to run, but yes otherwise it works without anything else
In reply to @cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111
The AppImage should just work.
* AppImage(s) require fuse to run, but yes otherwise it works without anything else

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