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29 Sep 2020
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximushowever someone did a translation back at the old FT. And the file is stuck in a Pull Request. So I thought maybe someone can check on that whether it makes some sense that the person did there. Then I would copy the things over to Weblate that we still have as words.21:14:00
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsok I could check it and see21:14:30
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsI'm working on the Spanish translation right now, but could review it tonight or tomorrow21:15:41
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubswhere can I find the old translation?21:16:31
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusAmazing. Yeah it is not much anyway. But take the time you need. Just wanted to check in. Because throwing away already done work would be kinda waste21:16:34
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusHere it is: https://github.com/FreeTubeApp/FreeTube/blob/baf7cf89864a9b292f8a7fe59599bbb6458519ca/locales/sv.json21:16:38
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusThanks already :)21:16:54
In reply to @gilgusmaximus:matrix.org
'you're welcome'
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusahh. thanks :D21:18:24
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximus * ahh. thanks :D21:18:32
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsit was shorter than I imagined, it's perfect I would say21:20:00
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsme reviewing a native Swedish speaker seems odd though hahahah21:20:35
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusyeah there weren't that much strings in it. And not all will copy over. But great to hear. Thanks !21:20:45
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusahahah :D21:20:48
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusI mean if something is wrong for other natives, they can go ahead and request a change in weblate or do it themselves21:21:39
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsit seemed a nice translation to me, but I'm afraid there will be some things left untranslated for the rewrite21:24:42
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsIf there are some phrases to translate I could try, better than nothing21:25:21
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusyeah. it won't be included with that few words. But I want to start the translation so that other people might be motivated to kick in as well. Also as I said before. Already done work doesn't have to be wasted21:25:45
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsfor sure, well, let's see how much is left to do after you copy it to weblate21:27:03
@gilgusmaximus:matrix.orggilgusmaximusyep. I'll do it tomorrow :) Gonna go to bed now. Gn21:28:15
@prestonft:matrix.orgPrestonFTYeah there's so few strings on those old translation files I wasn't even sure if they were worth bringing over. Some of the strings in there aren't even being used21:44:43
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsI'm on zen mode and I can't see some of the translated strings I've made22:01:02
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsscrolled all the way down and it only shows me 58, I've done many more22:01:44
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsnvm, selecting all strings solved it22:04:32
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubswhen you see the text on the software it doesn't seem much text, but when you go string by string it's a whole different thing22:06:15
@maxsubs:matrix.orgmaxsubsI can't imagine how much work goes into programming22:07:02

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