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12 Mar 2021
@jo:proprietary.loljootherwise its unset16:47:39
@nouragha:matrix.orgNour joined the room.21:20:21
13 Mar 2021
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourI noticed recently after downloading and setting up the addon that some new tabs are opening twice when clicking on a link. Tried to figure out the issue, and it turns out this happens if you have 'Limit to designated sites' set for an open container in MAC, on top of domain Isolation in TC, so MAC is opening a new tab and TC is opening another tab due to isolation rules. Disabled 'Limit to designated sites' in MAC and it works well now with only one tab rather than two opening16:12:21
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourMight be confusing for other people though so maybe the logic can be better so MAC & TC play nicer together :) 16:12:28
@jo:proprietary.loljodid you change the MAC preference under Advanced > Isolation?16:18:06
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourYup, now that I removed 'Limit to Designated Sites' from MAC, I made sure to enable that one, but even if that option is Disabled, tab duplication still happens due to the rules in Isolation > Global if you still have 'Limit to Designated Sites' enabled in the MAC addon16:20:46
@jo:proprietary.loljoin theory that shouldn't happen, i think16:23:06
@jo:proprietary.loljobut i'm not sure. there's something that checks whether a domain is assigned with MAC and ignores it, but not actually sure anymore under which conditions heh16:23:56
@jo:proprietary.loljoit's expected if that MAC setting isn't "disabled", tho16:24:17
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourYeah, I was thinking maybe a condition can check if 'Limit to Designated Sites' is enabled in MAC and probably ignore isolation in that case since MAC by itself will isolate it (or maybe just a note above the isolation options for the user to be aware or something), but checking again to make sure16:25:53
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@nouragha:matrix.orgNourso Advanced > Isolation > MAC is Disabled, and these are my other settings 16:27:20
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourI have a Reddit container in MAC which is limited to www.reddit.com only16:27:51
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@nouragha:matrix.orgNourwhen I click on an image (i.reddit.com) this happens ^16:28:44
@jo:proprietary.loljoyeah, you'd have to assign i.reddit.com to the container as well16:29:21
@nouragha:matrix.orgNouryeah true, though it also happens if it's for example an imgur link (would open twice)16:29:56
@jo:proprietary.loljotho, hmmm16:30:01
@jo:proprietary.loljoit should see that the origin domain is assigned to a container16:30:14
@jo:proprietary.loljowith MAC16:30:21
@jo:proprietary.loljoand not isolate in that case 🤔16:30:30
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourhmm I think what's happening is the MAC addon is isolating the tab since the Reddit container is limited to www.reddit.com, and at the same time TC is isolating it as well due to Isolation > Global > Different than Target Domain16:31:49
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourso this is probably causing the duplicate tabs16:31:54
@jo:proprietary.loljoyeah, true16:31:58
@jo:proprietary.loljoi think the MAC API doesn't provide the info whether "limit to" is enabled16:32:37
@jo:proprietary.loljohence that feature doesn't exist16:32:48
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourOh yeah true16:33:03
@jo:proprietary.loljobut global isolation does the same basically16:34:07
@jo:proprietary.loljoso no real need for "limit to"16:34:15
@jo:proprietary.loljo(only difference is that TC isolation is opt-out rather than opt-in per container. to deactivate you'd have to add the container to "exclude perm container")16:35:15

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