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13 Mar 2021
@nouragha:matrix.orgNouryeah exactly, or can just set the option in Advanced > Isolation > MAC16:35:40
@jo:proprietary.loljoi guess, yeah16:35:55
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourso I think in that case, if someone enabled 'Limit to Designated Sites' for a MAC container, they should exclude it under Isolation > Global right?16:36:20
@nouragha:matrix.orgNoursince MAC will do the isolating either way16:36:30
@jo:proprietary.loljothat should work, yeah16:36:56
@nouragha:matrix.orgNouryep does work :D though I'd probably not use the limit feature in MAC and just set the rules in TC16:38:33
@nouragha:matrix.orgNourThanks, might be worth documenting somewhere in case others have them clash in the future and wonder what's going on :) 16:39:41
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20 Mar 2021
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21 Mar 2021
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25 Mar 2021
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29 Mar 2021
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30 Mar 2021
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31 Mar 2021
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@sleepyhead1:matrix.orgsleepyhead1Guys. I cant find the options for TC. Theres nothing on the about:addons page and right clicking the New TC tab icon doesn't show anything relevant either18:48:30
@konomi:matrix.orgKonomi (She/Her)Go into the add on details and check in there19:09:03
@konomi:matrix.orgKonomi (She/Her)Or try pressing the three dots next to the add on in the add on list19:09:46
1 Apr 2021
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In reply to @konomi:matrix.org
Or try pressing the three dots next to the add on in the add on list
Thanks. I didnt click on preferences before for some reason.
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyit seems you can't really use youtube in temporary containers anymore or am i missing something?19:06:39
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyif i whitelist the isolation for youtube.com, consent.youtube.com, consent.google.com i finally get a wrong redirect to doubleclick.net that doesn't work -.-19:07:25
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermygoogle really is cancer...19:07:36
@jo:proprietary.loljoyeah, that new consent page is annoying19:17:45
@shock:matrix.orgShockI dont mind, I just click off,off,off and submit19:24:24
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermynot with automatic mode because it is redirected to different domains, so those all get a new container19:29:50
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyand don't know what to do with no cookies from the last domain19:30:10
@shock:matrix.orgShockI do that each time19:30:36
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyand no special settings for it? O_o19:31:35
@shock:matrix.orgShockI just set up an exclusion on youtube for doubleclick.net19:33:16
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermynope, still the same - after all is clicked he redirects to doubleclick.net and then back to consent.youtube.com with "an error has occured" :/19:35:01

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