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27 Mar 2023
@nefix:matrix.orgNéfix EstradaI'm trying to switch to Podman + Podman Compose, let's see if it does the trick15:08:46
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <n​azunalika> Then you'll need to ask their support. 15:08:47
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> Real odd then. I wonder how lol. Doesn't seem like anything on the Rocky 9 userspace side would dictate that 15:10:36
@nefix:matrix.orgNéfix EstradaIt's working :)15:14:39
@nefix:matrix.orgNéfix EstradaThanks for all the help and work, rocky is really nice :) <3 15:15:18
@neil:libera.chatneilawesome! Podman is really nice15:17:35
@nefix:matrix.orgNéfix EstradaI was waiting for an excuse to try it out.. And it works :)15:17:53
@anon7642594:matrix.orgAnonIs there a daemon I can run the constantly overwrites data on a harddrive for a server like every 24 hours?22:20:48
@Sokel:libera.chatSokelNo, and that sounds a bit dangerous. What are you trying to achieve?22:21:44
In reply to @Sokel:libera.chat
No, and that sounds a bit dangerous. What are you trying to achieve?
make sure deleted data stays deleted
@anon7642594:matrix.orgAnonyou know with SSDs you can run continuous trim23:10:59
@Sokel:libera.chatSokel there's already fstrim timers. 23:11:39
In reply to @Sokel:libera.chat
there's already fstrim timers.
but for HDDs
@anon7642594:matrix.orgAnonHDDs dont have trim23:12:46
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> if they're sata... I'd suggest DBAN 23:14:59
@Sketch:libera.chatSketchthe easy way: use srm instead of rm23:17:01
@Sketch:libera.chatSketchmaybe even the only way23:18:07
28 Mar 2023
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maybe even the only way

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