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26 Jun 2022
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <i​pkirill22n> EuroLinux 9.0 Has Been Released, Oracle Linux 9.0 in development 10:27:42
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <i​pkirill22n> Rocky Linux and Vzlinux they are loosers in race? 10:28:01
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <r​aktajino> Its not a race my friend 10:41:00
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <i​pkirill22n> The race is a joke with a hint... 11:45:03
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <i​pkirill22n> Interesting hint.... 11:45:25
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <i​pkirill22n> The race stimulates to develop and go one step forward... And the monopoly, as in the case of Microsoft or Google, leads to degradation. 11:47:05
@carbonator:libera.chatcarbonator ipkirill22n: except Rocky & co isn't about development; that's done by RH. And speed is just a minor point and less important than quality. But if you really want to see a race, Rocky seems to be winning: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=EPEL-Stats-Rocky-Linux-Surge 11:55:51
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@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> Rocky 9 initial RC is being tested as we speak. Looks really good so far, we'll be doing full "public" rc and final release in the coming couple of weeks 15:15:32
@electronic_eel:libera.chatelectronic_eelwhat is not public about the rocky 9 rc? ok, you have to follow 2 links to get to the download url, but otherwise?15:51:08
@Sokel:libera.chatSokel It's always been public. Just not "publically announced" 15:51:50
@electronic_eel:libera.chatelectronic_eeli also had a peek at it and it works as expected. all my usual customizations and tricks worked with very minor adaptions15:51:53
@Sokel:libera.chatSokel and yes, it's not a race. I don't know why people seem to think it is. 15:52:46
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> And you need to know where the iso is, and that you have to manually configure the repos 15:52:52
@electronic_eel:libera.chatelectronic_eelso great work by redhat and the rocky team15:52:56
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> Yeah I'm with louis there... This is a start of a complete new major release, don't know if someone even wants to run 9 in prod right now 15:53:43
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> *should want 15:54:08
@electronic_eel:libera.chatelectronic_eel nah, you don't want to use it in prod right now. but you want to know now how much work it will take you to bring it into prod when it is officially released 15:55:28
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> That's a good point, but at least for me it's a lot about quality over speed I don't really care if someone else is faster 15:58:11
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> It's a different thing for minor releases as there are no further updates in between the time of updates stopping for the previous minor and the new one but, but for a whole new major release... 15:58:12
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> We just want to make something and ensure quality. Slow and steady is fine with me. Plus, extra work was needed because of new build system, new methods for compose+ISOs, etc. 16:26:26
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> But yeah, if you want Rocky9 right freakin' now, it's available "publicly" in test form: https://bootstrap9.releng.rockylinux.org/Rocky9_Testing.txt 16:29:31
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> Just got to follow some extra steps to use it. Please report any issues or results to the ~testing channel! 16:29:55
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> I expect the final release will be extremely similar to this, from an end user perspective. Just some minor package updates and no need to fiddle w/ .repo files 16:32:31
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <g​mk> This. 100%. Agreed. 17:26:46
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <b​oris> I always run .0 in production. Never had any major issues 17:38:18
@neil:libera.chatneili see you like to live on the wild side, boris :)18:28:15
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <r​aktajino> shakehandswithdanger.wav 19:20:09
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