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26 Jan 2022
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> You're welcome :) 17:38:47
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> Btw, it still also works without the patches, it's just the cosmetic part which needed to be added 17:39:19
@SirJitsu:libera.chatSirJitsuI am going to try a fresh install of rocky and see what hgappens17:39:45
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> Let's see 👌🏻 17:42:35
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> But if I remember correctly there should already be versions of Satellite with the patches, but not sure since when :) 17:42:35
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <r​alloway> I've tested EL8 (CentOS 8, Rocky Linux 8, AlmaLinux 8) on Spacewalk 2.8-2.10. 17:56:47
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> Oh right also have it running multiple times managed by Uyuni 2021-12 (latest) 17:59:43
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <l​umarel> as well as have both solutions running on Rocky 17:59:44
@skywalker:libera.chatskywalkerhey guys, do we have any instructions for this new polkit cve already?18:48:05
@nktje:libera.chatnktjednf update --refresh18:48:22
@skywalker:libera.chatskywalkeris there anywhere official page where i could see what has been done for it, and the mitigation (that you just shared)?18:51:49
@nktje:libera.chatnktje [nk@tunkki ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release && rpm -q --changelog polkit|head -3 18:52:54
@nktje:libera.chatnktjeRocky Linux release 8.5 (Green Obsidian)18:52:55
@nktje:libera.chatnktje * Fri Dec 03 2021 Jan Rybar <jrybar@redhat.com> - 0.115-13.el8_5.1 18:52:57
@nktje:libera.chatnktje- pkexec: argv overflow results in local privilege esc.18:52:59
@nktje:libera.chatnktje- Resolves: CVE-2021-403418:53:01
@nktje:libera.chatnktje[nk@tunkki ~]$18:53:03
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> https://git.rockylinux.org/staging/rpms/polkit/-/commit/e8e8cdc2c247f424c680940d4902c8e66c79bc2d 18:53:07
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> https://lists.resf.org/archives/list/rocky-announce@lists.resf.org/thread/4YUVLTNLJQ4Y5H2V7UPBF64WWMM6WQXY/ 18:53:30
@skywalker:libera.chatskywalkerthanks a lot18:53:50
@mlatin:libera.chatmlatinsee, i dig the RL folks for this sort of thing.18:54:33
@neil:libera.chatneilno prob skywalker18:57:55
@tesseract:libera.chattesseractguys, my terminal takes time to connect net when using commands like dnf update or flatpak update or irc client connection. why do you think that is?19:02:49
@tesseract:libera.chattesseractnktje: hmm... i dunno. i will consider it19:04:26
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27 Jan 2022
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