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21 Jun 2021
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <r​felsburg> ^^ What skip said (edited) 16:10:45
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> ex: If RHEL decides to drop support for some CPU flag in RHEL 8.5, then so will Rocky. We aim for 100% binary compatibility with RHEL. Package for package, "bug for bug". 16:11:25
@pgnd:libera.chat@pgnd:libera.chat got it. so I need to figure out what effect, if any, Fedora's 'considerations' will have, and when, if any on RH. which seems to be a 'fluid' understanding ... 16:11:45
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> Yes. Personally, I don't think RHEL would do something like that. Super conservative inside a major release, for the most part 16:12:13
@jonvonb:libera.chatjonvonb joined the room.16:12:29
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> RHEL 9, however, will be based on a much newer Fedora. I'd expect that release to follow Fedora's lead for many things 16:13:33
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> As usual, Rocky 9 will go with whatever RHEL 9 decides. As per our charter ;-) 16:14:20
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> BTW, (goes for everyone): If you notice some discrepancy along these lines, where RHEL supports something Rocky doesn't, or vice-versa, please report it! 16:16:24
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> We consider it a bug to be squashed 16:16:38
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> we need a squashed bug emoji 16:17:26
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge skip77: it's fedora 34, it already branched to centos 9, which will become rhel 9 16:17:48
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@rlc:libera.chatrlc <s​kip77> carlwgeorge: Thanks, that's what I thought. Didn't want to say the wrong one though and make more people confused ;-) 16:18:59
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@pgnd:libera.chat@pgnd:libera.chat yep, kinda guessed that'd be the case for RH 8 vs 9. I honestly dunno yet how much influence does/will flow RH9 -> FedoraX; I'm in the "I'm so confused" camp re: what-happened-to-Centos, so *glad* to see RL alive & now kicking! In general, dropping perfectly functional H/W support is a concern even in the RH9 time frame, of course; depends on the user, to be fair. But the increasingly noise about it all on lists is starting to give me a few biz-jitters; so 16:19:31
@pgnd:libera.chat@pgnd:libera.chat a more-stable "Plan B" is on the table again. 16:19:32
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgeas a general rule changes should happen in fedora first, then get picked up by rhel the next time fedora is branched to start rhel development in the form of centos.16:21:48
@electronic_eel:libera.chatelectronic_eel from the release notes, known issues section "However, because released ISOs are immutable, the issue will not be fixed in the 8.4 ISO files". That would mean no new isos once we got a signed shim? That would mean that future users would still have to disable secure boot for installing, even if rocky had a signed shim 16:23:17
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge that said, some features get backported to rhel that weren't in the fedora version it was based on, but that's a case by case thing 16:23:18
@Sokel:libera.chatSokel electronic_eel: we plan on respinning ISO's once secure boot is ready. 16:23:50
@mustafa:libera.chatmustafaelectronic_eel: we will spin a new set of ISOs for 8.4 (separate from the already published ones) that includes secure boot16:24:06
@mustafa:libera.chatmustafa When we reach 8.5, it'll all be bundled together 16:24:15
@electronic_eel:libera.chatelectronic_eelSokel: that sounds much more sane than that sentence in the release notes16:24:20
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> electronic_eel: i'll fix up the wording to make it more readable 16:24:41
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> I **really** should stop writing at 1am 16:24:45
@Sokel:libera.chatSokelI think you should continue imo.16:25:01
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> https://youtu.be/Ac7G7xOG2Ag 16:25:44
@rlc:libera.chatrlc <N​eil> Rocky 8.5 release notes 👆 16:26:00
@amacater:libera.chatamacaterI see congrats to Rockylinux in centos-social :)16:26:28
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