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26 Sep 2020
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Meeting today?08:06:59
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghI have an exam 😕08:19:17
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Oh still08:19:26
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghI have them till the 5th08:19:36
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Ah, let's wait until after08:19:48
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Exams are important08:19:53
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsingh abhijeetmanhas anything you want to talk about? 08:20:07
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.And I think others are in the same situation as well?08:20:11
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghI think so 08:20:23
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Yeah, let's do it after08:20:33
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Your exam performance will be kind of like some immutable blockchain record for the rest of your life... All the best guys!08:21:18
@abhijeetmanhas:matrix.orgabhijeetmanhasI also have an exam today09:02:04
27 Sep 2020
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.I see this is what another team based in Indian is working on: https://blueskyhq.in/products10:00:10
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghDoesn't seem open source 10:02:42
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Yeah, except that10:02:54
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghThe way I see it, we get more info on what we can add10:03:39
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Or we could develop other use cases10:03:59
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.Like for fire management10:04:06
29 Sep 2020
@okvpa:matrix.orgokvpa joined the room.06:23:17
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.They track wildfires in CA14:09:11
@krisastern:matrix.orgK.S.We could develop something similar with an Indian focus14:09:39
30 Sep 2020
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghSeems interesting 10:17:36
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsingh Hey okvpa ! 10:17:45
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsingh kushal_borkar how are you feeling about a meeting this weekend? 10:18:08
In reply to @raahulsingh:matrix.org
kushal_borkar how are you feeling about a meeting this weekend?
Now, I'm fine now, I was on bedrest for 2 weeks, although I'm still having some hearing problem. But I can manage! Sorry I didn't inform about my health condition.
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghHey man! Take care. Don't stress yourself! 10:22:35
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghWe'll have one middle of next week perhaps 10:22:58
@raahulsingh:matrix.orgraahulsinghGet proper rest 10:23:04

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