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27 Sep 2022
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: Michael Lin, MD PhD (@michaelzlin): Other lesson: details in experimental conditions matter (familiar to any experimental biologist). Yet we still see Pfizer, the CDC, the FDA citing Pfizer's increasingly irrelevant clinical trial to convince us Paxlovid rebounds are in our imagination. → https://twitter.com/michaelzlin/status/1574869124441722880 21:17:24
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Guatemala: +1032 cases, +3 deaths since 23 hours ago 22:02:10
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: Eric Topol (@EricTopol): How long is Covid infectious and what's the best way to track it that correlates with culture positivity?"Most adults have replication-competent #SARSCoV2 for 10-14 after symptom onset, and N antigen testing is a strong predictor of viral [... want %more?] → https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1574885801376116736 22:24:06
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: Eric Topol (@EricTopol): The BA.4.6 variant now accounts for >12% of US cases, steadily rising. Its Arg346 mutation, shared w/ many of the new variants, makes it more immune evasive than BA.5, resistant to Evusheld prophylaxis and potential of reinfections after BA.5 [... want %more?] → https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1574895006279602177 23:01:24
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Montenegro: +169 cases, +1224 tests since a day ago 23:04:19
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from BBC Health: Flu and Covid could make this a hard winter for UK: People should prepare for a rampant flu season, say experts, based on what Australia has experienced. → https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63045190 23:20:10
28 Sep 2022
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from Reddit (test): nCoV: Post covid brain disorders | 42%increased chance of developing a neuro problem after covid, equating to 7% of those infected | 26SEP22 → https://old.reddit.com/r/nCoV/comments/xpy6fv/post_covid_brain_disorders_42increased_chance_of/ 01:04:12
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Kenya: +14 cases since 2 days ago — Canada: +2948 cases since 7 hours ago 01:08:40
@LjL:libera.chatLjL <CarlSagan> [Ars Technica - Science] Unusual Ebola strain kills 23 in Uganda; no vaccines, treatments available https://arstechnica.com/?p=1885102 2022-09-27T22:51:01 01:10:43
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from Reddit (test): nCoV: Long-term neurologic outcomes of COVID-19 | 22SEP22 → https://old.reddit.com/r/nCoV/comments/xpyayi/longterm_neurologic_outcomes_of_covid19_22sep22/ 01:13:27
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@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Burkina Faso: +503 cases since 2 months ago — Norway: +114 cases, +33 deaths since a day ago — San Marino: +58 cases since a day ago 02:10:54
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@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Germany: +95811 cases, +138 deaths since 23 hours ago — Dominica: +895 cases, +6 deaths, +18604 tests since 2 months ago — Thailand: +811 cases, +9 deaths since 23 hours ago 03:00:44
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstormUpdates for France: +1586 cases since 7 hours ago04:09:02
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from This Week In Virology: TWiV 940: Eddie Holmes in on viral origins: Eddie Holmes joins TWiV to discuss his role in the first release of the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence, what really happened during the infamous Fauci teleconference, and evidence that the virus came from Nature and not from a lab. → https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/twiv-940/ 04:12:57
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from r/Coronavirus: Coronavirus: CDC No Longer Recommends Universal Masking In Health Facilities → https://old.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comments/xq2xsk/cdc_no_longer_recommends_universal_masking_in/ 04:59:19
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Switzerland: +16872 cases since 15 hours ago 05:11:12
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Bavaria, Germany: +20746 cases, +20 deaths since 23 hours ago — Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany: +13594 cases, +15 deaths since 23 hours ago — Lower Saxony, Germany: +10454 cases, +15 deaths since 23 hours ago — Lombardy, Italy: +8978 cases, +20 deaths since 23 hours ago 06:01:00
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@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from r/COVID19: COVID19: Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine - Part 1 | Malhotra → https://old.reddit.com/r/COVID19/comments/xq4f5c/curing_the_pandemic_of_misinformation_on_covid19/ 06:04:17
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: Gunhild Alvik Nyborg (@GANyborg): So how will the dystopia play out in real life?Well, our long covid expert advisory team meeting last night was cancelled as three have not recovered from their last recent bout of covid and one was evacuating from a hurricane.Welcome to the 2020’ies. → https://twitter.com/GANyborg/status/1575015115229130752 06:59:58
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from r/Coronavirus: Daily Discussion Thread | September 28, 2022: Please refer to our Wiki for more information on COVID-19 and our sub. You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ , where there is valuable information such as our: → https://old.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comments/xq5hv7/daily_discussion_thread_september_28_2022/ 07:09:58
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@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: (translated) Marc Veldhoen (@Marc_Veld): As a more playful comment; this vaccine mRNA could only be found in incredibly low amounts with a special technique. This technique is called RT-qPCR. Yep, the same one that detects SARS-CoV-2. It cannot be and very good, and .... also very bad. → https://twitter.com/Marc_Veld/status/1575026056096251904 07:38:50
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Taiwan: +48543 cases, +38 deaths, +68123 tests since 23 hours ago 08:05:20
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: Florian Krammer (@florian_krammer): Fantastic talks this morning at the Options conference this morning by Ron Fouchier (mapping flu antigenic drift) and Hideki Hasegawa (mucosal antibody responses to influenza). Cheryl Cohen is up next to talk about influenza and COVID-19 in Africa. → https://twitter.com/florian_krammer/status/1575041087202562049 08:36:06
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm Updates for Tamil Nadu, India: +537 cases since a day ago 09:07:32
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from COVID on Twitter: Adam Kucharski (@adamjkucharski): Great overview of influenza and COVID epidemiology in South Africa by Cheryl Cohen, including this breakdown of infection burden during Omicron wave with @SunKaiyuan and co – medrxiv.org/content/10.110… #OptionsXI pic.twitter.com/fCz6cjy7lv → https://twitter.com/adamjkucharski/status/1575046818920296448 09:42:17
@Brainstorm:libera.chatBrainstorm New from BMJ: Parents are urged to vaccinate 2-3 year olds against flu as NHS warns of “twindemic”: The UK Health Security Agency has urged parents to take up the offer to vaccinate their 2 and 3 year old children against flu this year, because of fears over a lack of natural immunity.The UKHSA said that most young [... want %more?] → http://www.bmj.com/content/378/bmj.o2335.short 10:01:20

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