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30 Jan 2023
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilBut I think it'd be amazing to be able to hop near seemlessly to another server.19:56:02
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightyeah i agree it would be awesome to have a world of worlds like matrix is to chat servers19:56:21
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knight'specially if it is seamless 19:57:14
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightsome player just accidentally wanders into your world 19:57:29
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilWell you're probably going to get a loading screen of sorts.19:57:37
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightthat's the most likely thing to happen and why just logging out and going on the other server is good enough for me19:58:16
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilThat's the difference.19:58:40
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilRight there what you're doing is creating a whole new account.19:58:49
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilWe're saying there should only be one account.19:59:06
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knighta branch of minetest that IS federated would be great though, something where if you're in that universe you're following a protocol19:59:16
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightright and thats what Veloren is doing19:59:26
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightand trying to get away from, so there may be reasons for that, i didn't ask them :)19:59:38
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilI thought you said Veloren had a centralized name db, that's not what we're proposing20:00:15
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightit's centralized auth20:00:25
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightwhere you carry your player name with you20:00:42
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilWe're not proposing that either.20:00:40
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightoh, i guess i'm confused then :)20:00:52
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilAll you need to take your name with you should be a handshake between the home and the remote server.20:01:38
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael KnightOh actually i got that a bit wrong, veloren has central auth but that seperate from character names which are unique to servers20:01:56
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilSame way as matrix does it20:01:58
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knighti just used the same for all20:02:02
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilShould be no need to have a central auth at all20:07:28
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightits an ambitious idea :) better just tie it in with Matrix 😁20:09:50
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilI think a tie in with matrix is overkill. You don't need encryption with minetest. At most you might want a basic verification handshake from the homeserver to confirm it's still them but...20:13:12
@tsenmyata:vern.ccPerilPretty sure that's already implemented in the normal client server interface tbh.20:13:45
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knighttie-in doesn't necessarily mean fully integrated21:00:05
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightor at least i don't think so.. i basically just meant integrate whatever minimum is necessary so that the worlds recocognize you through your homeserver21:01:04
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knight * or at least i don't think so.. i basically just meant integrate whatever minimum is necessary so that the worlds recognize you through your homeserver21:01:18
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightwould be pretty funny though mash all my favorite computer programs togeher, why not. Linux, Matrix, Minetest, its all the same thing now. i get to my filesystem in 3d like in 1990s movies.21:02:13
@michael:chat.hypertextwaterfowl.comMichael Knightl33t h4x0rstyle21:02:19

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