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8 Jul 2020
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11 Jul 2020
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16 Jul 2020
@nightybrowser:matrix.org@nightybrowser:matrix.org changed their display name from BloodyMovie to nightybrowser.10:43:23
20 Jul 2020
@tolisme:matrix.orgtolisme joined the room.20:41:35
21 Jul 2020
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24 Jul 2020
@gareppa:matrix.orggareppa removed their profile picture.12:58:25
@gareppa:matrix.orggareppa set a profile picture.13:00:21
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25 Jul 2020
@cyberwolf:privacytools.iocyberwolf joined the room.12:51:27
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26 Jul 2020
@tolisme:matrix.orgtolismeis converser.eu experiencing connectivity issues these last few days?19:00:09
@cyberwolf:privacytools.iocyberwolfneed to look for another instance19:13:53
@tolisme:matrix.orgtolismeshame..it was working very well until recently19:54:21
28 Jul 2020
@indiechat:matrix.orgindiechat joined the room.03:55:52
@indiechat:matrix.orgindiechat changed their display name from indiechat to testifio.22:31:52
@indiechat:matrix.orgindiechat changed their display name from testifio to indiechat.22:34:30
1 Aug 2020
@whoami:feneas.orgmunkki changed their display name from whoami to Nightmare❌Legion.05:17:21
@whoami:feneas.orgmunkki changed their profile picture.05:18:00
@whoami:feneas.orgmunkki changed their display name from Nightmare❌Legion to nightmare❌legion.05:48:05
@indiechat:matrix.orgindiechatHello, World! New Android matrix client just published in Play Store!13:37:13
2 Aug 2020
@whoami:feneas.orgmunkki changed their display name from nightmare❌legion to munkki.21:19:30
@whoami:feneas.orgmunkki changed their profile picture.21:20:38
5 Aug 2020
@indiechat:matrix.orgindiechat changed their profile picture.04:49:56
12 Aug 2020
@MarkusDEL:matrix.orgMarkusDEL joined the room.04:46:03

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