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12 Dec 2019
17:54:48@yuki:matrix.de-ge.soSiliconExarch (Vanessa) changed their display name from Yuki to SiliconExarch (Vanessa).
19:02:23@thoran:unita.onlineMarcin joined the room.
19:17:55@thoran:unita.onlineMarcin changed their display name from thoran to Marcin Karwowski.
19:18:06@thoran:unita.onlineMarcin set a profile picture.
19:58:00@bobderbaumeister:matrix.orgbob joined the room.
22:57:08@philipp:matr.ddnss.dePhilipp joined the room.
13 Dec 2019
02:27:20@travnewmatic:keelung1.ddns.netTravis Newman changed their profile picture.
11:00:18@erikj:jki.reErikSynapse v1.7.0 is now out! https://github.com/matrix-org/synapse/releases/tag/v1.7.0 for details, note that we have changed the default settings for server room list directory, as well as deprecating older version of SQLite.
11:00:28@erikj:jki.reErik changed the room topic to "Synapse release announcements | For support please use #synapse:matrix.org | Stable: v1.7.0" from "Synapse release announcements | For support please use #synapse:matrix.org | Stable: v1.6.1".
11:25:37@thoran:unita.onlineMarcin changed their display name from Marcin Karwowski to Marcin.
12:31:41@holger:riotchat.deHolger joined the room.
14:24:05@henrik:4e.chathenrik joined the room.
19:42:02@menno:mm.vangrinsven.orgmenno left the room.
19:45:23@menno:mm.vangrinsven.orgmenno joined the room.
23:29:21@strawberryswing:matrix.orgstrawberryswing joined the room.
23:54:04@lion:matrix.lion.fmLion changed their profile picture.
14 Dec 2019
00:01:48@lion:matrix.lion.fmLion changed their profile picture.
11:23:29@t-bond:ma.nt.t-bond.huT-bond changed their profile picture.
14:23:44@horst:feneas.orghorst joined the room.
17:05:34@marian:cybre.spacemarian joined the room.
18:32:58@sevy:spesso.onlinesevy joined the room.
18:46:19@egesu:baloncuk.ofissizler.comEge joined the room.
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19:35:17@sidekek:matrix.sidekek.mlsidekek changed their profile picture.
15 Dec 2019
03:19:47@josiasmc:solucionesinduso.comjosiasmc joined the room.
09:38:33@pu11em:matrix.orgpu11em joined the room.
13:25:07@sevy:spesso.onlinesevy removed their profile picture.
14:23:58@xanderio:acmelabs.spacexanderio joined the room.
14:28:37@alexander:ninetailed.ninjantninja joined the room.
14:45:05@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribe changed their profile picture.

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