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Let's have a gigantic Factorio LAN party in the National Library of Technology, Prague, CZ!1 Servers

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23 Jan 2018
10:01:18@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.orgI guess not that many players/visitors are from around here.
10:01:26@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.orgDamn you, globalism! :-)
10:05:15@gedrex:matrix.orgLea BradáčováBe patient, it's only few hours. Let's spread the message on official forum ;)
10:08:41@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.orgGo ahead. :-)
10:45:00@gedrex:matrix.orgLea BradáčováDone :) https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=56997
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11:55:37@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.orgLea: Maybe mention the ~150 PCs thing? So that people don't think it's a living room kind of thing.
12:03:19@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.orgLea: and thanks
13:11:46@gedrex:matrix.orgLea Bradáčová Yep. Good point. I'll correct it.
25 Jan 2018
20:29:35@anonymous1234:matrix.organonymous1234 joined the room.
20:31:34@anonymous1234:matrix.organonymous1234Are there any plans to create a public server? Because, as you said, globalism ;).
22:47:55@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.organonymous1234: Well, if the event happens, se definitely will. :-)
26 Jan 2018
05:49:47@sereny:matrix.orgserenyHello, I was wondering about the details. Are you really going to do a LAN for 60 days or did I missunderstand that?
06:52:00@gedrex:matrix.orgLea BradáčováYes, you are right. And there will be about 150 PCs
06:52:27@gedrex:matrix.orgLea BradáčováDuring whole summer
07:04:15@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.org sereny: Well, the library is mostly empty at that time, so what we offer are PCs with the game preinstalled. If we don't get many participants who would like to do anything specific, we are going to organize a few small events and put up some posters on the local high schools and colleges.
28 Jan 2018
05:32:25@sereny:matrix.orgserenythanks for the info. I'll try and check it out if my calendar allows and I can find a place to sleep. Best wishes
08:53:58@mordae:matrix.org@mordae:matrix.org Don't rush it, wait till we confirm. :-)
30 Jan 2018
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3 Apr 2018
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18 Apr 2018
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1 Jun 2018
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31 Aug 2018
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2 Sep 2018
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