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24 Jan 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroI've changed my mind on this issue13:56:09
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microbecause the character customization screen and the lobby look good enough and future art contributors could at least decide by a glance how could they contribute13:56:52
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixif we want to we could make a screenshots wiki page14:06:56
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microyeah that would make sense14:12:09
28 Jan 2021
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11 Feb 2021
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixOkay leady-peeps. It has come to my attention that we may need a way to accept donations for the project, to fund certain expenses, such as music samples, server hosting etc. From a quick duck search, I have found opencollective.com and liberapay.com, both of which seem to simplify the process. Liberapay seems to need us to have a bank account, or multiple banks, whereas i think opencollective will act as a legal non-profit and bank on our behalf (i still have reading to do). If yalls can look over them, or any other ones you find, that'd be cool13:53:55
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixThis (below) is from opencollective, and seems to be exactly what we are needing in terms of a no tax thingamabob (not a lawyer tho, pls dont sue me thx)13:57:44
Download image.png
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixIs anyone wanting to object for me applying for this for OpenSuspect? Does anyone have any better ideas, or more knowhow than me?14:02:04
12 Feb 2021
@gobbel:matrix.orggobbelopencollective looks really good, they also write this: "If you are an open source project with at least 100 stars on GitHub and at least two contributors, you will likely be immediately approved." So our chance are looking pretty good there. One thing to be aware of is that they keep 10% of all funds as service fees, although I think that is fair given the services they offer.14:25:44
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro gobbel: we got accepted 14:30:05
13 Feb 2021
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazy Did not see Nice Micro's message 01:40:59
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazy * Did not see Nice Micro's message 01:41:35
1 Apr 2021
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyShould we do Virtual meetings via Mozilla Hubs13:53:44
@monban:matrix.orgmonbannever heard of it before, looks a bit like Clubhouse only... maybe a bit less evil?14:07:14
@monban:matrix.orgmonbanno maybe it's more like Second Life14:09:53
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixi think it would be fun to give it a try sometime14:16:07
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microyeah maybe14:21:29
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyI tried it for a museum on a class topic14:35:20
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyIt worked well14:35:30
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyI know where we can test it out!14:38:17
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyI closed that room16:05:00
21 Apr 2021
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22 Apr 2021
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