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This is an introduction for all you noobs so that you dont end up in jail before you even start. First of all [Matrix] is not anonymous, the homeserver (matrix.org) has your IP. Encryption alone wont keep the feds away from you. If you want to stay anonymous you need to be using TOR. Secondly, there are hundreds of public homeservers which are run independently by people that value freedom of speech a lot more than a company like matrix that needs to keep its money inflow. A complete list can be found here: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/list-of-matrix-servers.html. We recommend one of these homeservers if you're looking for maximum freedom and minimal moderation: • cuteworld.space (element: element.cuteworld.space | hidden service available) • anontier.nl (element: element.anontier.nl | register through: matrix.anontier.nl/matrix-registration/register | hidden service available) • waifuhunter.club (element: chat.waifuhunter.club) • midov.pl (element: element.midov.pl | blocks Tor) Do not use: • asra.gr • cutefunny.art • cuum.space • halogen.city • matrix.org • matrix.kiwifarms.net • nerdsin.space • nltrix.net • tchncs.de This doesnt warant anything, even if they say they dont keep logs and stuff. You cant trust anyone as you never know if they are feds trying to catch idiots. The best way to be sure they cant disclose your IP is for them not to have it to begin with. (continued below) Third, to properly stay anonymous you need to hide your IP, for that we use TOR. (www.torproject.org) The easy way is to download TorBrowser and disable the permanent incognito mode by enabling the "remember history" option so you wont need to login each time you open it. Then go to one of the ones that say "hidden service" above and click the weird long address that ends in .onion, thats a special address that only works with TOR. (or if you are using TorBrowser like in this case) You can use the normal address too but .onion addresses tend to be faster on TOR because theres more internal nodes than nodes that allow traffic to the outside, so if a .onion address is available its recomended. How to set up tor - You can use element on TorBrowser (deactivating the permanent incognito mode so you dont need to log in each time) though sometimes its glitchy or doesnt work. If you see coloured stripes as preview for images or videos you upload, thats one of the bugs. This is the easiest way, though like i said its not 100% sure to work, there might be a convination of pc parts and software which may not let it work. Sometimes its drivers, others windows itself, others TorBrowser itself. If it doesnt work for you then continue reading. - Alternatively you can use the Element desktop app with a separate instance of Tor as a proxy. (add --proxy-server=socks5:// at the end to the app shortcut to use Tor's proxy and be sure to be using the onion address for the homeserver which should only work if you are actually using tor for the connection) You need to download the standalone version of tor (just the proxy app, without the browser) and run it each time before you open element though. you can find it here https://www.torproject.org/download/tor/ (dowload the Expert Bundle). Once you download it, unzip it to a folder and run tor.exe. If it reaches 100% and stays opened its working fine, then just open element and log in. - Other more paranoid option is to use element (web or desktop) on a virtual machine with Tails or Whonix. It makes it quite harder to get the files out but leaves no trace behind and is more resistant to attacks in case someone finds an exploit on the client. - For android download the Fdroid app store, and download Orbot and Element from fdroid. Start orbot and enable the VPN mode and select element in the enabled apps list so that all of element's traffic goes through tor. Now back in element when you login change the homeserver address to the onion version of your homeserver (use a homeserver that has one like anontier.nl or cuteworld.space) You need to change it with tor running already or else the app will tell you it couldnt connect to the homeserver's onion address. To make sure everything is working fine, close Tor. If you set everything correctly, Element shouldnt be able to connect at all. Aditional Notes: - Dont click random links people post on the chats, there are lots of spammers and blackmailers. - Dont send stuff to those posting pictures asking for illegal stuff. Its a scammer - Dont click those blahblahbla .com/invite/id=1983 links, they are cross site clickjaking sites that will spam shit to your facebook and twitter contacts if you were to open them on the same browser - Tor might hide your IP but it wont fix your stupidity. Dont give any info about you to anyone. Country, age, race, language, what you ate. Be as generic as possible (to the US) so they cant profile you. If you want rooms ditch the matrix.org account and make one on one of the homeservers recommended above. The search as normal and youll find stuff. The special rooms are private so youll have to chat and trade stuff with people until someone invites you to one of those rooms.22 Servers

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