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23 Sep 2021
@_discord_135893147069841408:t2bot.ioBarracuda now i can accept epic games and play them 19:23:22
@_discord_284895206044598273:t2bot.ioHogosha | Pop OS! This is the power of GabeN 19:31:28
In reply to @_discord_592384053953560753:t2bot.io
Well, >If I had an Nvidia< I would prefer using Nvidia's dkms to get it working but not some random gamedev's one for anti heat
i wouldn't call Tencent devs that any more than i would call NVidia devs that. so that's a silly argument
@_discord_228329249453506562:t2bot.ioWafflePirate all this news always makes me so giddy 19:39:22
@_discord_228329249453506562:t2bot.ioWafflePirate i think it's for real this time guys 19:39:39
@_discord_228329249453506562:t2bot.ioWafflePirate we're actually going to have first class linux gaming 🥺 19:39:54
@dobey:matrix.orgdobeywe've had it for a while20:00:56
@_discord_72435443529945088:t2bot.ioKasey Anderson Now if only devs would update their EAC version 21:18:00
@root:kde.orgfakerootas if devs will develop21:19:05
@_discord_153730507656396800:t2bot.ioSeriousRising Hopefully this means devs will enable that fast so I can play destiny on Linux and others like Squad that use it 21:50:34
@_discord_153730507656396800:t2bot.ioSeriousRising Pretty much last thing stopping me from switching to Linux fully 21:50:58
@_discord_66217580783738880:t2bot.ioj0rge#0775 destiny is battleye. 😦 21:51:37
@_discord_66217580783738880:t2bot.ioj0rge#0775 but yeah, once I get destiny the windows laptop can be closed for a while. 😄 21:52:06
@root:kde.orgfakerootas long as its not a rootkit (AHEM) ill run it21:53:26
@_discord_601493120705757345:t2bot.ioKillYourFM I want to believe Bungie will follow in these footsteps. 21:55:49
@_discord_66217580783738880:t2bot.ioj0rge#0775 I literally check every day. 😄 21:56:01
@dobey:matrix.orgdobeyi should actually play through halo:mcc22:11:44
@_discord_193886151948369923:t2bot.ioDairuggerXVIII joined the room.22:50:02
@_discord_470383714619228171:t2bot.ioCaffeine changed their display name from Caffeine to Caffeine#2001.23:11:00
@_discord_470383714619228171:t2bot.ioCaffeine changed their display name from Caffeine#2001 to Caffeine.23:11:01
@_discord_270209802918035456:t2bot.ioKvasir Yes? 23:24:00
@_discord_270209802918035456:t2bot.ioKvasir Why was I pinged was it important? Or should I not bother looking for it… 23:24:41
@_discord_270209802918035456:t2bot.ioKvasir Oh… ya I saw that coming… 23:25:21
@_discord_270209802918035456:t2bot.ioKvasir Valve actually has decent pull in the gaming industry, and when they admitted they may not be able to get the anticheat bit working I knew it was a matter of time before company’s ether started pitching in, or providing support. 23:33:00
@_discord_158079990364110848:t2bot.ioSeven || Chrollo Oh about time with EAC! Now the only thing holding me back from switching on my gaming rig is peripheral support, mainly around my wheel, pedals and shifters. If Thrustmaster or any of the other major brands release driver support for their racing gear I'll be all in 23:33:08
@_discord_270209802918035456:t2bot.ioKvasir Plus till now the Linux market share was not worth the effort to invest in… even more so since many had the knowledge and ability to use wine/hack it together/windows vm but with steam deck you that market share will go up and the numbers of users with such ability by percentage will go down… and I’ll wager the percentage valve is bringing isn’t small enough to ignore anymore… 23:33:11
@_discord_270209802918035456:t2bot.ioKvasir Idk about official support, or any of those devices you named off the top of my head… but Linux has some epic controller support… so unless you know they don’t work now, might be worth checking by plugging them in. 23:33:38
@_discord_158079990364110848:t2bot.ioSeven || Chrollo Yeah I've tried multiple times, the problem with Force Feedback steering wheels is the force feedback itself. Unfortunately for my gear there is no linux support at all for it. But with all the upcoming developments in Linux gaming, hopefully all this will change in the near future 23:35:39
24 Sep 2021
@_discord_66217580783738880:t2bot.ioj0rge#0775 I feel ya, I have a nice thrustmaster setup. 01:56:39
@_discord_72435443529945088:t2bot.ioKasey Anderson Agreed 02:15:44

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